Can a Dog Eat Celery?

Celery is a tasty vegetable that is used in the kitchen as celeriac and celery sticks. Both varieties can be eaten by dogs. However, you should keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your darling can digest the vegetables well.

Can Dogs Have Celery?

Celery is rich in vitamins that help boost your dog’s immune system and health. The vegetables are also high in potassium, calcium, and iron. These minerals ensure healthy bones, support the nervous system and promote blood formation. In addition to the important nutrients, celery root and celery contain essential oils, the taste of which some dogs do not like. Just see if your dog likes celery or not.

Do Not Feed the Dog Raw Celery

Raw celery is considered a healthy snack by people. However, if you want to do something good for your dog, you shouldn’t feed the vegetables raw. Dogs have difficulty digesting celery in its raw state and cannot use the vitamins it contains.

Prepare Celery for the Dog

With celery, you can feed both the leaves and the stems to your dog. Cook both and then chop or puree the vegetables so that they are better tolerated by your dog. Celeriac must be peeled thoroughly before feeding. Cut the tuber into cubes and cook in boiling, unsalted water. You can feed the soft-boiled celery cubes directly to your dog, or you can puree them with a hand blender.

When Celery is Not Suitable for Dogs

Celery has a diuretic effect and is not suitable for sick dogs. Especially in animals with bladder or kidney weakness, celery should be deleted from the menu. Even in healthy dogs, the vegetables have a diuretic effect and can mean that your fur nose has to go outside soon. It is, therefore, best to feed celery in the morning or during the day so that your dog does not wake you to go for a walk at night.

Tip: Celery has a diuretic effect. It is best to feed the vegetables during the day so that your dog does not have to go outside again at night.

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