Can Dogs Eat Fennel?

Fennel is a versatile vegetable that is said to have many positive effects. While the tuber provides important vitamins as a vegetable or salad, fennel seeds are mainly used as a tea for respiratory diseases. But is fennel so healthy for dogs too? Here you will find the answer to the most important questions about fennel and fennel tea for dogs.

Fennel for Dogs – Is It Healthy?

Fennel bulbs are also very well tolerated by dogs and are ideal as a healthy side dish. Fennel is a low-calorie vegetable and therefore also easily digestible for dogs with weight problems. Fennel is also healthy for puppies because the vegetables contain many important nutrients that are important for growth. Fennel is also popular because of its high digestibility and the positive effect on digestion because the essential oils it contains soothe the stomach and intestines. These nutrients are contained in the crunchy tuber:

  • Fennel contains large amounts of vitamin C, even more than some fruits.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are important minerals for the dog’s body.
  • B vitamins, vitamin K, and vitamin A ensure healthy body functions.
  • The essential oils contained soothe the digestive tract.
  • Fennel seed tea is a proven remedy for colds.

Raw or Cooked Fennel?

Dogs can eat fennel both raw and cooked. Unlike many other vegetables such as potatoes or broccoli, raw fennel is neither poisonous nor flatulent, but very easy to digest. If you baref your dog, raw or cooked fennel is an excellent vegetable side dish to give your four-legged friend the vitamins they need. Some dogs refuse fennel because of the essential oils it contains. If your dog does not like the tuber so well, you can simply puree the raw or cooked fennel with a little water and then feed it as a porridge or mix it with the food. How to increase acceptance among picky dogs.

Can Dogs Drink Fennel Tea?

Yes, fennel tea is also healthy for dogs. The tea is not made from the tuber, but from fennel seeds. The sweet and spicy drink stimulates the dog’s appetite and digestion and helps against flatulence and diarrhea, among other things. Fennel tea also relieves colds and respiratory problems. If your dog suffers from any of the above symptoms, you can give him fennel tea to drink. But make sure to use the tea only when needed and always provide fresh water.

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