Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts are one of the most popular nuts. They can be found in almost every nut mix because the small, brown nuts are delicious and healthy. But can your four-legged friend also enjoy a nut or can hazelnut harm dogs?

Hazelnut for Dogs in Brief

Hazelnuts are rich in vitamins, protein, calcium, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. That sounds healthy – but can dogs eat hazelnuts? Basically nothing speaks against it. Because of their high-fat content, the nuts are only suitable for dogs in small quantities. Hazelnuts can also cause allergies in dogs.

High-fat Hazelnut: Dog is Allowed to Eat It in Moderation

For many dogs, the tasty hazelnut is a very special treat. But hazelnuts are not only among the most popular nuts, but they are also among the richest in calories: With a fat content of 60%, the relative of the walnut easily outshines its nutty competition. However, the high proportion is high-quality, unsaturated fatty acids. The dog’s body needs these for numerous essential processes, such as metabolism, cell formation, or brain functions.

Nutritional Values of the Hazelnut: Dog is Supplied with Vitamins

In addition to the high fat and calorie content, hazelnuts contain healthy vitamins. The B and E vitamins of this type of nut are important for food utilization and energy production. The nerves and muscles of the four-legged friend in particular benefit from this. Basically, the nut is healthy for dogs.

Nevertheless, hazelnuts are not a safe snack for four-legged friends.

Beware of Hazelnut Allergies: Dog Can Be Allergic

The small, round nut triggers allergies more than average. This applies to humans as well as to four-legged friends. It is well tolerated by most dogs, but in some four-legged friends, it can cause health problems or allergies. Therefore, the first test with a single nut or a few crushed crumbs is whether your dog can tolerate hazelnut. If the dog shows no symptoms, you can slowly increase the portion.

If the dog is allergic to hazelnuts, see a veterinarian immediately.

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