Can Dogs Eat Walnuts?

Walnuts are a real hit among sofa snacks in every season of the year. And who doesn’t know that? If you lie on the couch and nibble yourself, your four-legged friend will beg you. But can dog owners feed their darling a walnut? Or is the nut dangerous for dogs?

Walnuts for Dogs in Brief

The nuts are rich in vitamin C and contain good fats. The dog can only tolerate ripe, unpeeled walnuts. Fresh walnuts can be highly toxic to four-legged friends. Walnuts can contain a certain poison that can lead to the death of the dog

Walnuts: A Healthy Snack When Ripe

Walnuts, like all other nuts, are high in unsaturated fatty acids. These have a positive effect on the metabolism, the cell membrane, and the entire cardiovascular system. They also reduce inflammation. In addition, walnuts contain a high proportion of vitamin C. This strengthens your dog’s immune system and thus its defenses. A small amount of ripe walnuts is well tolerated by the dog and helps keep your four-legged friend fit and healthy.

Keep Your Paws Off Fresh Fruit

Walnuts grow on trees in the form of round, green fruits. This is the peel, which is brown and hard after drying.

Dogs are never allowed to eat walnuts that are still fresh and green.

If the dog eats too much of it, the effects can be fatal because in some cases there is poison between the shell and the nut.

Walnut poisoning from invisible fungus

The poison Roquefortin can form in and under the green skin. This is a special mushroom. It is invisible to the eye – and highly toxic to the dog. Musculoskeletal disorders occur within a few minutes. The dog stumbles, stumbles, and falls. Sensitivity to touch also occurs, often accompanied by twitching and tremors. This can increase epilepsy-like seizures. Depending on the dose of the poison, the course can be fatal. You have to act immediately!

Our Recommendation: Only Ripe, Self-cracked Nuts

You can play it safe by simply cracking the walnuts for your dog yourself. Leave them in a bowl for several days. This will give you a little more maturity. Then you can make your four-legged friend happy with the delicious snacks. However, if your dog eats unripe walnuts and thus some of the poisonous fungus and shows symptoms such as twitching and tremors, go to the nearest vet immediately. Don’t forget to tell the veterinarian that your dog ate a walnut. Only in this way can he initiate the life-saving countermeasures.

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