Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Dog owners keep asking themselves which fruits and vegetable dogs can eat without problems. In the following article, we will reveal whether this also includes the kiwi.

Yes, dogs are allowed to eat kiwi fruit. It is important that the furry friend only gets overripe fruit. This is due to the fact that fruits that are too raw can lead to digestive problems such as diarrhea.

Why are kiwis good for dogs?

The fruit is a healthy snack that contains valuable nutrients. These ingredients mostly support the health of the four-legged friend and are therefore a great nutritional supplement. Compared to treats, the berry fruit has significantly fewer calories and is, therefore, a good substitute.

The fruit also contains vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Vitamin C supports the immune system and thus prevent infections;
  • Folic acid, which can promote healthy growth and stimulate the metabolism;
  • Beta carotene, which supports the body’s functions as cell protection;
  • Vitamin B1, 2, and 6 for a healthier heart and improved nerve function;
  • Vitamin E acts as a catcher of free radicals that can otherwise damage the body;
  • Magnesium helps nerve cells process signals.

Can dogs eat kiwi peel?

The answer to this question depends on the fruit itself.

With an organic product, your darling can safely eat the bowl.

This also contains nutrients and should therefore remain on the pulp. Fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides are to be given without the peel. The possible toxins can otherwise lead to dangerous reactions that endanger the health of the pet.

Can dogs eat kiwi berries?

Dogs usually tolerate kiwi berries well. Here, too, masters should make sure that the fruit is only fed when it is overripe. Compared to normal kiwi, this fruit contains less fructose, which of course is twice as good for your four-legged friend.

You can find more information about which types of fruit and vegetable dogs are allowed to eat in the corresponding articles.

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