Can Dogs Eat Veal?

Veal is the meat of cattle from a few weeks to around three months old. The meat is more tender and lighter than that of full-grown beef and yet has numerous healthy nutrients. Both raw and cooked veal and offal are particularly popular in dog nutrition because the meat is not only nutritious, but dogs usually taste very good.

Tender Temptation: Veal for Dogs

Yes, veal is suitable for dogs. The tender meat of the young cattle is easily digestible and is suitable for puppies as well as for adult and older dogs. Since veal is particularly lean, obese dogs can also eat dog food with veal. With dogs that are prone to allergies, you can quickly find out whether your four-legged friend can tolerate calves with a single-variety food.

Are Veal and Offal Healthy for Dogs?

Meat is an important part of dog nutrition and should not be missing on any menu.

Veal is a particularly tender, lean meat that many fur noses taste great.

At the same time, it provides the dog with high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and essential minerals. This is what makes Kalb so healthy for dogs:

  • Veal is low in fat and easily digestible and suitable for all dogs.
  • The meat contains high-quality proteins for a healthy protein intake.
  • Kalb provides the dog with easily usable iron.
  • The mineral zinc is important for the skin, coat, and immune system.
  • Calf offal such as the heart and lungs provide the dog with B vitamins.

Raw or Cooked Veal?

If you plan to give veal to your dog, you should pay attention to the proper preparation. Fresh meat and offal can be fed raw, for example when barfing. Offal such as the heart and liver should only be fed in small amounts every now and then, as it contains numerous vitamins as well as harmful substances from the animal’s metabolism. Like all bones, calf bones may only be given raw to the dog, as cooked bones can splinter more quickly and lead to injuries. Boiled veal, on the other hand, is harmless as long as it is cooked gently without the addition of spices. If you don’t want to prepare meals for your dog yourself, you can just buy ready-made dog food with veal.

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