Can Dogs See Ghosts or Spirits?

Animals supposedly have the sixth sense. Can you see into other dimensions and catch a glimpse of one or the other ghost? We are investigating this question!

No Magic: Dogs Smell and Hear Better

Many dog owners know it: They sit comfortably at the coffee table in the house, the dog slumbers peacefully in the basket. As if out of nowhere, he suddenly gets up and barks at a corner of the room – why? Or he stops during the walk and doesn’t move a meter forward. Does he see ghosts? It is more likely that thanks to his better senses, he is noticing more than you are. Does the neighbor pull a trolley across the driveway? This is an unknown sound to be reported! Also, conspecifics hurrying by outside like to report their own four-legged friends. Even if we humans cannot see or hear them.

Puppies and dogs in new surroundings in particular are sensitive to new stimuli.

This does not mean supernatural phenomena, but everyday little things that we humans do not even notice. These include rays of the sun and flakes of dust dancing in them. Your own reflection on glass or a distant rustling that is barely audible to us. So, if your dog is upset for no reason, try taking their perspective! What, from our point of view, unimportant little thing could grab his attention? Open the window and see if a four-legged friend is walking by outside. In many cases, you will realize that your dog does not see ghosts, but reacts to very earthly occurrences.

Dogs Have Fine Whiskers for Moods

Changed smell, body tension, and unsteady steps: dogs (like cats, too, by the way) quickly notice when their two-legged friend is nervous. The grief, insecurity, or fear of the owner or other people around them can affect sensitive dogs. If you walk through a forest with your dog at dusk and are afraid, you unconsciously send your four-legged friend warning signals. It is very possible that he suddenly stops and barks, although he does not perceive anything threatening – except your behavior.

So can dogs see paranormal things or not?

Each of us will have to find our own answer to this question. But the fine senses of the four-legged friends offer us a simple explanation for strange behavior that does not require any haunted ghosts.

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