Do Corgis Shed?

The Corgis are small animals with long bodies and large ears. The Corgis, like all other dogs, shed. Therefore, you need periodically comb them out, trim, and give them vitamins.

How Much do the Corgis Shed?

Normally, a gradual change of coat occurs throughout the year. Females shed after the season and birth of puppies.

Heavy shedding occurs in puppies at 5-6 months old when the “fluff” is completely replaced by the hair.

Shedding Peculiarities – Trimming and Combing

The shedding takes place twice a year. The coat needs careful but not daily combing. The long-coated Corgis will become matted without such care. Combing is mandatory so that the animal will get over the shedding period faster. Only the belly and paws are usually trimmed.

Peculiarities of the Young Shedding

The young shedding period begins when your Corgi is around one year old (at 10-15 months old). A one-year-old dog has literally pounds of hair combed out, and the hair comes out strong on the sides and collar. At this time, it is advisable to visit a groomer, wash the animal, “blow out” the excess hair.

Young shedding is the most abundant but it goes differently. Some Corgis become “bald” for a few months, while others just lose their hair in shreds but it grows back quickly. Some owners freak out and start giving the dog all kinds of vitamins and supplements, while vets think it’s unnecessary. After a complete change of hair, a new – long, thick hair grows.

Shedding Time and Duration

A puppy can start shedding at 4-6 months old. Sometimes the first shedding does not occur until the end of the first year of life and lasts one or two months. Later, this dog will shed twice a year, in the spring and fall. Some dogs shed a little bit all summer.

What to Do if the Owner is a Person with an Allergy?

If the Corgi’s owner is allergic to hair, the symptoms will intensify during the shedding because the hair will be everywhere. The attacks can be saved by vacuuming and wet cleaning every two-three hours. You will also have to wash and comb out the pet constantly. The allergy occurs less frequently on a clean coat. You will have to clean up after every combing.

Coat Roughness

The Corgi puppies have stiff coats, but they become softer as they get older. A soft coat can easily be achieved with special dog shampoos. Adult dogs have an even, soft coat, with hard hair growing only along the spine (“sable” hair).

How do the Corgis Shed?

During the shedding process, the undercoat is the first to “fall out” followed by the rough “top” hair (when the process is almost complete). The Corgi is combed out at least once a week all this time. The amount of hair falling out does not depend on the animal gender. Young Corgis shed differently – for example, they shed completely in the spring and lose only the undercoat in the fall. A shedding dog scratches a lot – he/she will be happy to have his hair combed periodically.

How Much Hair does the Corgi Lose?

There is a lot of hair from a shedding dog of this breed – it is everywhere at home, and the owners have to clean it up many times a day. But the animal does not shed “out of meanness” – less and less hair is lost with age. The amount of hair loss is insignificant between the shedding periods.

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