Do English Bulldogs Shed?

The medium-rough coat of the English Bulldogs allows them to be classified as short-coated dogs. But this coat also needs relentless care. For the representatives of this breed, combing should be weekly. It should be done with special gloves and brushes. Dead hair not removed in time may cause allergic reactions and skin itching with a further rise in temperature which is very dangerous for this breed.It is important to know that the English Bulldogs do not have a shedding period like other dogs; they shed almost all the time. Some do it stronger, others – less. A lot depends on the quality of care and the health of the dog. The dogs shed more than usual, twice a year, in the spring and fall.

You may need the help of a groomer during these periods. In any case, the dog requires constant grooming – mainly combing. Don’t forget to groom his skin folds. A good groomer for medium short-coated breeds is a great way to prevent shedding.

Keep your dog’s muzzle folds clean by wiping it with cotton pads. However, do not bathe your dog often. If you use a furminator regularly and wipe the coat with a damp towel periodically, your dog will look good and healthy.

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