Feeding Your Dog: How To Feed a Beagle

How to feed a beagle is a question that arises before the owner from the first day.

The main rule for a beagle is not to overfeed. Dogs are prone to obesity. So do not fall for insistent requests for a sandwich. Although it is not easy to resist: the beagle has excellent acting skills and very convincingly portrays a creature on the verge of a hungry swoon. But before the hand trembles and the sandwich goes towards the dog’s mouth, remember that obesity is fraught with metabolic disorders, and your pet will turn from a cheerful, active athlete into a breathless, lazy couch potato.

It is very important to feed the beagle correctly – in this case, it will look and feel great.

Feeding should be regular, always at the same time, portions – the same size.

Clean water must be available at all times.

Food and water bowls are different bowls. Better if they are made of stainless steel. You can purchase a stand so that the dishes are at the level of the dog’s shoulder.

There are foods that are strictly forbidden to give to dogs, including beagles.

Beagles are fed after walks and training.

Think about what you will feed your pet, even before it appears at your home. Ask the breeder what the little ones ate. The first time you have to adhere to the same scheme. The dog is transferred to another type of food gradually.

What to Feed a Beagle: a Puppy and an Adult Dog?

If you choose dry food, choose a premium and super-premium product. Savings on the feed will translate into vet costs, which is much less enjoyable. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully.

Up to a year, the beagle can be given a mineral supplement containing calcium. However, consult your veterinarian first.

If you are a supporter of natural food, there are a number of nuances to consider.

  • The meat is necessarily lean, preferably beef or veal. The pork is not good.
  • After 4 months, you can give offal, but not more than 1 time per week.
  • Fermented milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.
  • For cereals, choose buckwheat, rice, or oatmeal.
  • Salt and sugar are prohibited.
  • From 2 months, you can give boiled eggs (no more than 2 pieces per week).
  • Boiled sea fish without bones can be given to a puppy older than 3 months. It can replace meat twice a week.
  • Vegetables are boiled for up to 3 months, added to cereals. After 3 months they can be given raw, grated. You can add herbs and sunflower oil.
  • Fruit, low-fat cheese, or croutons can be a treat.
  • It is better not to mix dry food and natural food.

How to Feed a Beagle: How Many Times a Day and How Much?

Beagle age                     Number of feedings per day

Up to 2 months                6 times

2 – 3 months                    5 times

4 – 6 months                    4 times

6 – 12 months                  3 times

After 1 year                      2 times

An adult beagle eats almost the same as a puppy. But when choosing dry food instead of puppies, buy adults.

When feeding with natural food, the amount of food is determined at the rate of 5% of the dog’s weight. That is, a 10-kilogram beagle needs 500 grams of food, which you divide into 2 meals.

Vitamin and mineral supplements can be added to the diet, but consult your veterinarian first.

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