Frozen Carrot Treats

In summer it is nice when you can offer your dog cold snacks for refreshment. Here comes the healthy popsicle for your dog!

Today we want to tell you how you can easily make summer treats for your dog yourself. With these treats, you can offer your dog some refreshment on hot summer days.

Frozen Treats Made From Pumpkin or Carrots

All of the ingredients in these treats are absolutely safe for dogs. Nevertheless, you should always consult your veterinarian if you give your four-legged friend something new to eat.

Preparation time: 15 minutes (plus freezing time)

In the fall, you can replace the carrots with seasonal vegetables like pumpkin. You can either puree the pumpkin yourself or buy it ready-mixed.

Nutritional advice: If you choose to prepare ready-made carrot or pumpkin puree instead of making it yourself, you should carefully check the ingredients beforehand. The puree should be pure and not contain any additives such as salt and sugar.

Carrot, Banana and Yogurt Ice Cream

The ingredients are absolutely safe for both your dog and you. But remember, treats are no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet for a dog.


  • 340 g low-fat natural yogurt;
  • 250 g carrot puree (replace with pumpkin in autumn);
  • 1 teaspoon honey;
  • 1 banana.


  1. Puree the banana to a soft pulp.
  2. Put the banana puree in a separate bowl.
  3. Then puree the carrots to a soft pulp.
  4. Add the carrot puree, yogurt, and honey to the mashed banana. Then stir everything thoroughly.
  5. Fill the mixture into egg cube molds or molds of your choice.
  6. Place the mold in the freezer until the ice is frozen.

You can store these delicious treats in your freezer for up to 8 months without losing their taste or texture. So you can stock up and always have a snack ready for your pooch when it’s hot outside again.

How did you like the recipe? And more importantly, how did your dog like it?

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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