Furry Protector

Dogs are used in many jobs. They are looking for various substances – from drugs to explosives. They also help in the fight against criminals, finding, catching up, delaying. Training is carried out in special training cynological centers. Such a center is located near the Indian Bangalore and is called “Wolfgrey K9”. He specializes in training special-purpose dogs for special forces, armed forces, special services from all over the world.

The best working breeds of German, Belgian and Dutch shepherd dogs are selected for training. In the center, the best dog handlers are engaged in working with dogs. For 18 months, the furry defender learns all the intricacies of the service, works out the ideal obedience of interaction with the guide.

Dogs practice their job of arresting terrorists. They learn to act in different situations, to grab the offender at the most sensitive places, neutralizing him, not allowing him to shoot. In addition, we are talking about large and strong breeds, quite capable of knocking a person down.

Belgian Malinois and Tervurens are very popular among the police in the world.

The “criminal” has to defend himself very strongly against dog bites.

Training takes place at different times and in different conditions.

A ladder is an indispensable attribute of preparation.

The water stage is also necessary when training four-legged fighters.

Such a furry protector is always on the alert and ready to do his job.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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