Guard Dog Training

Cynologists believe that training is necessary for all dogs. But if decorative pets can easily do with the general course, then this is not enough for service breeds. Especially when it comes to guarding dogs. What are the features of their training?

People far from cynology are convinced that another name for a guard dog is guard or guard. This is not entirely true.

A guard dog is a guard of the house and its inhabitants, it is usually large. His main task is to protect property and prevent a stranger from entering the territory entrusted to him. If a stranger appears nearby, the dog should notify the owner of this by barking. If the “enemy” is oblivious, she can delay him.

A guard dog is somewhat different from a guard dog. Her task is similar – to notify a person about the approach of an uninvited guest. But she does it differently, without the help of her voice. In addition, she can find a person by smell and protect her master.

Guard dogs are not hired for the guard service – they have different specializations, and therefore, the skills are also different.

Dogs on Guard Duty

Of course, not every breed is suitable for a watchdog service. When preparing such dogs, active, energetic, balanced animals with an average degree of anger are selected. It is important that they have excellent hearing and smell.

A service breed is best suited for the role of a watchdog. The most popular are shepherd dogs, including German and Caucasian, Rottweilers, as well as Giant Schnauzers and Airedale terriers.


A watchdog is more than just a watchdog. During training, animals develop five basic skills:

  • Human protection;
  • Delay and escort;
  • Search on the trail;
  • The search of the area and premises;
  • Watchdog in place and on the move.

Of course, guard dogs are trained only by professionals. No amateur can cope with this on his own. However, before giving a dog to specialized training, it is necessary to go through a general training course with it.

Trainer Protection, Delay, and Escort

The development of these skills is carried out in the same way as in the course of protection and guard service.

It is very important to keep track of how the dog handler works with the dog. Angry, aggressive animals are not poisoned, while more calm and phlegmatic ones, on the contrary, are trained. This is necessary so that the dog can instantly make a decision and be able to protect the owner and his property.

Search on the Trail

Despite the fact that there is a separate specialization in cynology – a search dog, a watchdog must also be able to find and detain a person by his smell. The main difference is that the sentries work in hot pursuit, that is, left less than one hour ago. The practice of this skill is carried out according to the methods of the search service.

The Search of the Area and Buildings

Training of these two skills is carried out according to the course of the protective guard service. While practicing it, the dog must learn to look for objects and people on the site or indoors.

In this case, the trainer should always monitor the actions of the animal, direct it – the dog should not act chaotically.


The most interesting skill – watchdog – allows you to teach the dog to listen to the terrain and, without barking, notify the owner of the approach of strangers.

As a rule, training takes place in the evening or at night in a secluded area, where there are many shelters, vegetation, holes, or ravines. First, the dog is trained in guarding skills while standing still, and then in motion.

In the process of training, an assistant works with the trainer. The more often the helper changes, the better: the animal does not get used to it. The main signal is the command “Listen!”, After which the dog must listen and find the “intruder”.

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