How Long Do Weimaraners Live?

The Weimaraner has a complex personality. She is very strongly attached to a person and a family and will follow her master everywhere. Weimaraner requires attention and affection. If for some reason the dog is not given enough time, its character begins to deteriorate: the pet becomes withdrawn, irritable and capricious.

How Long Do Weimaraners Live?

The Weimaraner is quite sensitive. When raising a dog, you should not raise your voice and scold it strongly – this behavior will only alienate the pet. Representatives of the breed love training, they are curious and will always be happy to learn new commands.

Statistics say that on average, individuals of this breed have a life expectancy of 11 – 14 years. However, depending on the conditions of detention, nutrition, and upbringing, this figure can either increase significantly or go even lower.

What Determines the Life Expectancy of the Weimaraner

Weimaraner belongs to the cops, hunting dogs. This means that for a full life, he needs many hours of walks, including intense running over long distances. A dog can live in a city apartment, but only if the owner is able to provide it with physical activity. After all, a truly happy Weimaraner will be in a private house. But he cannot live on a leash or in an aviary, since he desperately needs his own space.

The Weimaraner is easy to train. It is a pleasure to train a Weimaraner as the results are visible almost immediately. High intelligence, combined with the ability to quickly perceive orders, allows them to prepare for the implementation of rather difficult tasks. It is not for nothing that the Weimaraner is so in demand by the police and search agencies. However, in training, it is necessary to show consistency and firmness, otherwise, whims will begin. At the same time, motivating attitudes must completely exclude cruelty. Excessive pressure will only lead to a loss of interest in classes.

Weimaraners can be fed a balanced diet (preferably premium), but natural foods should also be present in the diet for variety. It is not recommended to leave food on the table unattended – these dogs do not miss the opportunity to refresh themselves, violating all the prescriptions of nutritionists.

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