How Much Does a Border Collie Cost?

Border Collies are valued for their working qualities; appearance in terms of color, eye color, and some other characteristics does not matter. But healthy pedigree puppies cannot be cheap, so the price of a border collie is quite high.

What is the Cost of a Border Collie?

Dog breeding is a time-consuming and financially costly process that takes time. The breeder is working on the breed, improving its natural qualities, genetics, pursuing not only the goal of making money. Breeding dogs of any breed is always a work that should be appreciated.

The breeder invests in the total cost of the border collie, which was required from the beginning of the planning of the mating until the moment the puppy was sold. Conscientious breeders take care of their breeding animals, maintain good health, namely, monitor nutrition and general condition. Before mating, the female is examined, vaccinated, deworming, and tested for genetic diseases. The male is selected taking into account certain requirements, the more worthy the male, the more expensive the mating.

A pregnant female needs special care, including a change in diet, additional feeding, supervision by a veterinarian.

After the birth of puppies, taking care of the female does not stop, because the health of the babies who feed on breast milk depends on her condition. Puppies are taken care of not only by their mother but also by the breeder himself. Clumsy babies often get dirty, the breeder pays a lot of attention to them, including washing, changing bedding, and feeding them. After weaning, puppies are fed solid food up to 6-8 times a day, the breeder has to get up at night to feed the awakened babies. Then the registration and branding of puppies, which also require payment, are carried out, veterinary services (general health assessment, testing for genetic disorders, vaccinations, deworming, etc.). The breeder carries out socialization of babies, teaches them to the toilet, teaches basic skills. All this takes time and money.

If the puppy is supposed to be delivered to another country or city, then all the costs of transporting the dog will also be included in the total cost of the border collie.

How Much Does a Border Collie Puppy Cost?

First of all, the price of a Border Collie puppy is determined by its quality. So, working line dogs are sold for about $800 USD. The most expensive are show-quality puppies, their cost averages $1200 USD. But the show career for the border collie is not the main thing, the working qualities that need to be developed are much more important.

Often, females are 10-20% more expensive than males, because they can bear offspring. Although performance is paramount, some breeders price the Border Collie based on coat color. So, for example, black-and-white and red-white puppies are sold at the same price – about $800 – $900 USD, and babies of a rarer gray color are $200 – $300 USD more expensive, individuals, with a merle color based on blue – $1300 – $1500 USD.

The high price of the puppy allows the future owner to evaluate his capabilities. It does not matter how much the border collie costs, if there is no way to pay enough attention to the dog and invest in it your energy, time, and money. After all, the money for buying a dog is only an initial cost. As your baby grows up, it will require much more expenses for food, training, veterinary services, participation in exhibitions, sports events, and other entrance fees. Expenditures will be required for the purchase of accessories in the form of a collar, leash, as well as toys, tools, and cosmetics for hair care, products for treating ectoparasites. Situations may arise when the pet needs to be left to overexpose.

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