How Often Should You Feed Puppies?

When a puppy comes into the house, the family is upside down! With all the joy about the new family member, it is important to take care of the little one appropriately. After all, the rascal needs nutrients and energy to grow big and strong. Many dog owners ask themselves one question: How often should you feed puppies?

The Essentials in Brief

  • Several smaller meals for puppies and young dogs will keep them growing evenly;
  • The bone and digestive system benefit from feeding in small amounts;
  • Excess energy and obesity should be avoided.

Why are the Frequency and Amount of Feed so Important?

The amount of food is not only decisive for the puppy’s growth. It also prevents future joint and bone problems. In no case should a dog gain weight too quickly? Too rapid growth has negative effects on the skeleton, muscles, and joints.

Avoid Excess Energy

Too fast growth is caused by an excess of energy. The number of calories the dog consumes must be burned again. Otherwise, he will gain weight too quickly and damage the joints. The aim is to achieve as even growth as possible through feeding. Meals as often as possible are recommended for this.

Feeding Puppies: How Much Food the Dog Needs

The amount of feed determines the speed of growth. Several small servings a day are best for this. You do not need to calculate the amount of food for the puppy. How much food he should eat in total can be found in the feeding recommendation on the packaging. The total amount should be divided into five to six servings per day. The little one has his first meal in the morning after the first walk around. The last serving is then in the evening, about two hours before bedtime. Do you have to take the feed rations regularly? Ideally yes. In puppyhood, the digestive tract is particularly happy about regular food intake.

Recommendation: Set the Course for the Health of the Dog in Puppy Age!

The right portioning not only has a decisive influence on bones, muscles and joints. The first three months are also particularly important for the digestive system. During this time, stick to the feeding recommendation as closely as possible. After the young dog age is around a year old, you can take it easy.

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