How to Calm Down a Scared Kitten

Anxiety can have a negative impact on a cat’s health. To help her feel better, help her calm down and try to take away her fear. We have some tried and true tips and tricks you can use to naturally calm an anxious or stressed cat.

Cats don’t have the same everyday worries as their owners. And yet they too can be stressed. Stress or anxiety in a cat can be recognized, for example, from the fact that it is not doing its business in the litter box, scratching furniture, or injuring itself, but also through changed eating habits (increase or loss of appetite), unusual aggressiveness or, on the contrary, permanent listlessness.

Such conditions can have different causes: stressful situations such as moving house, loud noises, adding to the family, be it a person or another animal, boredom, the fear of being separated from the owner … But don’t worry, there are some helpful tricks, with which you can take away your pet’s worries:

Can Toys Relax a Cat?

Domestic cats do not have to hunt for food like their wild counterparts and are therefore much less active. But this luxury also has its disadvantage, namely, it causes stress in cats. The less she has to do, the more bored she becomes. Our grandmothers were already aware of this and used their creativity to offer their little fur friends something to do. Be it in the form of paper balls, pompoms, or a stick to which they tied a thread with a cork … the cats were delighted.

Playing together strengthens the relationship between you and your cat and allows her to let off steam.

Is My Cat Lonely?

If a cat is scared, it needs to feel that it is being protected. Pamper her with food that meets her requirements, take care of her, play with her – that will drive away worries – and give her pats when she demands them. You will see that this will make your relationship all the closer.

Live and let live is a proven secret to the success of a healthy relationship with your pet.

Relax My Cat!

In order for a cat to relax, its natural instincts must be satisfied: even though it is a house cat and may not go out at all, your cat is a predator at heart; it wants to climb, hide, hunt, sleep, play and be in wait lie. Unlike humans, cats eat many small meals throughout the day. If you want to offer your cat as free a life as possible, you can set up several feeding places at different heights. And don’t forget the scratching post etc., because your house tiger wants to sharpen its claws after all.

Respect Your Cat Every Day

Cats have their own habits and needs. If you want them to be well, you should absolutely respect them. For example, you should never disturb cats when they sleep or eat, and certainly not force them to do something they don’t feel like doing!

Introducing Newborn to Cats

Cats are very intelligent animals that can sense changes quickly. The addition of the family can throw them off course. In order to prevent this and to get the cat used to a new member of the family, it has been tried and tested, for example, to give it items of clothing from the newborn so that it can get used to the new smell. This method is also very helpful when getting a new pet: give her something to smell that the smell of the new fur friend clings to. In this way, your cat can gradually get used to the smell and be more relaxed with the new family member.

Bach Flowers: the Solution to Stress

If you want to help your stressed cat naturally, the answer is Bach flower remedies. This herbal aid has proven itself over many generations. And it not only helps us but also our beloved kittens:

4 drops of this flower elixir in your drinking water should be enough to relax you.

Contact a Veterinarian in an Emergency

Caution: If your cat’s stress and anxiety do not subside, it is better to see a veterinarian. This can help determine the exact causes of these symptoms and how to best help calm and relax your cat. Because anxiety is not to be trifled with, as it can cause serious health problems in cats.

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