How to Care for Your Dog’s (Puppy’s) Eyes?

The dog’s eyes should be clean, clear, and free of discharge. It is important to take proper care of them.

How to Properly Care for Your Dog’s and Puppy’s Eyes?

Dog eye care depends on the dog’s coat and head structure. For an adult short-haired dog, if it does not have conjunctivitis or problems with the third eyelid, a monthly eye exam is sufficient.

Long-haired dogs require more careful grooming. Eye care should be your daily routine. If you, for example, have a Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu, you can collect the bangs in a ponytail or periodically cut the fur around the eyes. Special brightening lotions can be used to remove stained hair around the eyes.

The puppy needs weekly eye care.

Be sure to check your eyes for mucus, because bacteria feed on it first. The mucus is removed with a cotton pad.

Avoid situations in which the dog could injure the eye.

In some breeds (for example, Pugs or Pekingese), the structure of the skull is special: short nasal passages make them susceptible to respiratory diseases. The Japanese Chin and Pekingese do not have closed eye orbits, so the eyes are not sufficiently protected. For such dogs, even the slightest blows to the temple are extremely dangerous: the eyeball can fall out. Their eyes also often watery, the cause may be a curvature of the nasolacrimal canal, and tears do not enter the nasal cavity but accumulate in the corners of the eyes. This implies the need to wipe the dog’s eyes every day with napkins dipped in a special lotion.

If you find redness of the conjunctiva, discharge from the eyes (from profuse mucous to purulent), strange formations, prolapse of the third eyelid, ingestion of a foreign object in a dog, immediately contact your veterinarian.

Redness of the eyes may indicate an infection. In this case, antibiotic ointments and drops are used, but you should not prescribe them yourself. See your veterinarian and follow their recommendations.

How to Clean Your Dog’s (Puppy’s) Eyes Properly

  • Take 2 tissues or 2 cotton pads.
  • Moisten with a special lotion.
  • Rub the dog’s eye – from the outer corner to the inner corner.

One tissue or cotton pad is used for only one movement and one eye.

  • If in one movement it was not possible to remove the selection, take another disc.
  • Continue until the eye is completely cleared.
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