Insect-Based Dog Food: an Environmentally Friendly Alternative in the Dog Bowl?

Insects in dog food? One of the other may shudder with disgust at the thought. But what sounds strange at first has long since become reality. Numerous feed companies already offer it: dog food with insect protein. But what is it all about and is it worth trying out the new food? We clear up the prejudices and explain to you all the advantages and disadvantages of insect dog food.

What is Insect Dog Food?

Dogs eat a lot of meat, which creates a lot of greenhouse gases. The feed industry has thought about something to improve the ecological balance of dog food: dog food made from insects. The unusual food consists of insect protein and is well tolerated by dogs. That is why dog food made from insects is especially suitable for sensitive dog stomachs.

Why is Insect Protein Dog Food Good for the Environment?

Many people try to be environmentally conscious but forget about their pets. Because dogs eat significantly more meat than most people and thus contribute to the CO2 pollution of the environment. This can be changed by changing the dog’s diet – at least that’s what the manufacturers of insect dog food promise.

By feeding dog food made from insects instead of meat, the dog’s ecological balance should be improved. Nevertheless, the fur nose is supplied with vital proteins and nutrients. Insects are considered to be sustainable protein suppliers with an excellent ecological balance.

Significantly less energy is required to produce insect protein than, for example, from cattle.

What is Dog Food Made From Insects?

Dog food made from insects sounds like crawling beetles. In fact, the food usually consists of larvae, for example, fly larvae of the soldier fly (Hermetia Illucens). The larvae are bred for production and then processed further.

Food made from insects is very well tolerated, so it is also ideal for sensitive dogs and dogs with food intolerances.

Due to the high protein content of the insect dog food, the dog is just as well supplied with protein as with conventional dog food.

What are the Disadvantages of Dog Food Made From Insects?

Despite its many advantages, larval insect dog food still has some disadvantages. The selection on the market is so far very manageable, so it is difficult to offer the dog variety in food. Above all, the types of food, the main component of which are insects, have so far been few and far between. Many varieties only contain a small amount of insect protein and are comparatively expensive.

Wet and Dry Food

Until recently, insect dog food was completely unknown in Europe. Companies like Otfrieda have changed that because they only produce insect-based dog food. The dry food with 30% insect content costs around 7 euros per kilogram, the wet food with a full 50% insect content is slightly higher with a kilo price of 8 euros.

Other manufacturers also offer food made from insects, although the insect content varies greatly. The dry insect food from Green Petfood is available at the dm drugstore, among others. It contains 10 percent insects and costs 6 euros per kilogram.

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