Is Horse Meat Good for Dogs?

With the increase in intolerance to common types of meat, exotic horse meat is increasingly becoming the focus on the diet of dogs. Despite initial reservations, horses have now established themselves as food for dogs, because meat has numerous advantages. We have summarized them for you.

This is What Makes Horse Meat so Healthy for Dogs

Horse meat has a lot to offer. First of all, it convinces with its unique taste.

Even picky dogs who refuse to eat a lot of food accept horse meat well, because the meat is firm and aromatic.

If your dog lets himself be convinced by the tasty delicacy, he will benefit from further advantages of the exotic in the dog bowl. Horse meat is low in fat and contains essential vitamins and minerals. Horses convince with these nutritional values in the dog bowl:

  • The low-fat meat has a fat content of less than five percent and is easy to digest.
  • Horse meat is a protein source that is also well suited for allergy sufferers.
  • Horse meat is low in cholesterol.
  • The dog is supplied with essential unsaturated fatty acids.
  • The high content of vitamin A supports the health of skin, coat, and teeth.
  • B vitamins contribute to the dog’s healthy body function.

Horse Meat for Dogs with Allergies, Overweight or Diabetes

Dogs with a tendency to allergies and food intolerances benefit from horse meat because as an exotic ingredient in dog bowls, the meat is particularly well-tolerated, easily digestible, and hypoallergenic. Due to the low-fat content, dog food with horses is also suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and for dogs that are overweight. Dogs with diabetes can also eat horse meat because lean meat keeps the blood sugar level stable as part of a balanced meal.

These Dogs are Allowed to Eat Horse Meat

  • Adult dogs;
  • Older dogs;
  • Puppies;
  • Obese dogs;
  • Food sensitive and allergic dogs;
  • Dogs with diabetes.

Buy and Prepare Horse Meat for Dogs

With food intolerances increasing in dogs, the range of hypoallergenic dog food is also increasing steadily. There is now a large selection of food with horses so that you can feed or cook for your dog as you wish.

Wet and Dry Food with Horse Meat

Anyone who uses ready-made dog food should definitely inform themselves in detail about the ingredients when buying. For dogs with sensitive stomachs, it is advisable to buy single-origin dry or wet food, in which the horse is the main source of protein. In addition to a high proportion of muscle meat, the feed should also contain healthy vegetables. Depending on whether there is an intolerance, choose a grain-free type of food or a canned food tailored to the needs of dogs with diabetes.

Dog Barfen with Fresh or Frozen Meat From the Horse

You can buy fresh horse meat for the dog whole or minced from a horse butcher. It is easier to obtain frozen meat from the horse, which you only need to thaw before feeding and then prepare it to your four-legged friend’s taste. With barfe, you can quickly find out whether your dog can digest horse meat well by means of single-variety feeding. For a species-appropriate diet, combine muscle meat with fresh fruit and vegetables or with wholesome grains.

Dried Horse Scalp for Healthy Chewing Fun

Dogs love to nibble and chew. Natural chewing products made from dried meat are particularly suitable for in-between meals. In the case of horse meat, the dried scalp is a particularly popular treat. When buying, make sure that the chewing products are free from colorings, attractants, and artificial preservatives. Naturally dried horse scalp is also suitable for sensitive dogs as healthy, well-tolerated nibbling fun and at the same time supports the dental care of your four-legged friend.

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