Turkey Meat for Dogs: Low in Calories and Easy to Digest

Turkey meat tastes good to most dogs. Like most types of poultry, the meat is ideal for feeding dogs. Find out here why you should only give your dog cooked or dried turkey meat and how to properly prepare the tasty meat.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey meat. Like chicken, turkey and turkey belong to poultry and are characterized by light-colored, lean meat. Turkey is a popular diet for dogs because it is low in calories and easy to digest. When it comes to dog food, both turkey and turkey meat are common names because they are basically the same meat. The difference is that turkeys are females and turkeys are males.

Dogs are therefore allowed to eat both turkey and turkey meat.

Is Turkey Meat Healthy For Dogs?

Poultry meat is one of the most popular types of meat in dog food. There is a reason for this: just like chicken, turkey meat is a very lean type of meat. The tender meat is tasty and easily digestible. It is not too heavy for the dog in the stomach and still provides it with important proteins and nutrients. In addition, turkey is suitable for almost every four-legged friend. Dogs that need to watch their weight can enjoy turkey meat, as can puppies and adult dogs.

Benefits of Turkey for Dogs at a Glance

  • Turkey meat is lean and low in fat and is therefore also suitable for overweight dogs.
  • The white meat is easy to digest and, like chicken, is suitable as a light food for dogs.
  • Turkey meat provides the dog with energy in the form of high-quality proteins.
  • Meat is a supplier of important nutrients such as calcium, potassium, folic acid, and B vitamins.

Are Turkey Stomachs, Turkey Necks, and Turkey Bones Good for Dogs?

Offal such as turkey stomachs also contributes to a balanced diet. Turkey stomachs are muscle meat with a, particularly low-fat content. Since turkey stomachs are larger than chicken stomachs, the delicacy is also well suited for larger dogs. However, caution should be exercised with turkey bones.

Just like chicken bones, turkey bones can split quickly and cause serious injury to the mouth, esophagus, or digestive tract.

If you want to give your dog chew, it is better to use dried chewing products. Turkey necks are well tolerated by most dogs, but as a precaution should only be fed under supervision.

Feeding Turkey Meat for Dogs Raw or Cooked?

Turkey meat and innards are often found in recipes for raw feeding. With raw turkey, however, there is a risk that your dog will catch dangerous pathogens such as salmonella. To reduce the risk of infection, do not give your dog raw turkey meat. If you still opt for turkey at the bar, only buy absolutely fresh meat and ensure that there is an uninterrupted cold chain during transport.

How to Properly Prepare Turkey for Dogs

A healthy dog diet that is appropriate to the species includes a balance between meat and vegetable components such as fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Turkey meat should therefore always be combined with other nutritious ingredients in order to provide the dog with all essential vitamins and minerals. If you plan to prepare the dog food yourself, cut the turkey meat into bite-sized pieces. Then cook it without adding salt or other spices. Make sure the meat is well cooked and let it cool before serving it to your dog. Instead of cooking yourself, you can of course use ready-made dry or wet food with turkey meat.

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