Japanese Chin Breed: Care and Obedience

The Japanese Chin is not very active. He will be quite satisfied with unhurried daily walks and some kind of action game.

Representatives of the breed can only live in a house or apartment. On the street, in a booth or aviary, they have no place.

It is better to walk your pet in a harness, as the collar can injure the delicate neck.

An important part of caring for the Japanese Chin is grooming the coat. The Japanese Chin has a silky, lush coat. However, he is too clean to undergo frequent water treatments. Dry shampoo will help your pet look and smell good. If you decide to bathe your dog, be sure to dry it well and comb it thoroughly.

The breed sheds, but if you brush your pet regularly, the house will not fill up with shreds of fur.

Brush the Japanese Chin every day to avoid tangling.

Proper care of Japanese Chin is unthinkable without hygiene procedures.

The four-legged friend will need to brush his teeth 2-3 times a week.

As needed (usually 1 – 2 times a month), trim the nails with a special nail clipper. But be careful not to hurt your blood vessels.
Check Japanese Chin ears weekly. A bad smell or redness can be a sign of infection.
Make sure that there are no wounds, redness, and rashes on the dog’s body.
The eyes of the Japanese Chin should be clear.
It is best to teach a Japanese Chin puppy to hygiene from a very young age. Praise your pet for good behavior – and he will take the necessary manipulations calmly.

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