Kangaroo Meat for Dogs: Delicacies From Down Under

Kangaroos come from Australia and rarely find their way onto the plate in Europe. However, word has long got around among dog owners that kangaroo meat is ideal for feeding their four-legged friends. The meat is healthy, tasty, and, above all, easily digestible. Here you can find out how to prepare kangaroo meat for your dog and for which fur noses the exotic delicacy is suitable.

Kangaroo Meat for Dogs in Brief

More and more dogs are suffering from food intolerance. Exotic meats such as kangaroo meat provide a remedy: The meat is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive dogs. Optimal nutritional values with little fat and a rare protein source ensure that the dog is supplied with valuable protein. Combined with fresh vegetables, kangaroo pure or in dog food is a welcome change in the dog bowl.

Is Kangaroo Meat Healthy for Dogs?

Kangaroo is an exotic type of meat that is rather unusual on the menu. But the meat of the marsupial native to Australia has some special features that make it an ideal type of food for sensitive dogs. Kangaroo meat is low in cholesterol and high in protein and, with around two percent fat, is one of the lowest fat types of meat. The protein content of around 25 percent ensures that your four-legged friend is supplied with vital proteins. Another advantage of the exotic in dog bowls is that dogs are not yet known to have allergies to kangaroo meat and the meat is therefore also suitable as a light food or permanent, easily digestible feed.

Which Dogs Is Kangaroo Meat Suitable For?

Due to its good digestibility and healthy nutritional values, kangaroo meat is suitable for all dogs:

  • Puppies;
  • Adult dogs;
  • Seniors;
  • Obese dogs;
  • Dogs with allergies or food intolerances;
  • With elimination diets.

Dogs, regardless of age and weight, can look forward to the exotic meat on the menu. Kangaroo meat is particularly recommended for sensitive dogs that suffer from allergies or food intolerances. An exclusion diet can be carried out, especially by feeding single-origin dog food. At the same time, the dog is nourished in a species-appropriate and gentle manner and supplied with essential proteins.

How Do You Prepare Kangaroo Meat for the Dog?

If you baref your dog, you can use fresh kangaroo muscle meat. The muscle meat is tender and tasty and is very well accepted by most dogs. Combine the raw meat with easily digestible, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to ensure a complete diet. In the case of sensitive dogs, it is advisable to feed them single-variety and to give the dog only one type of meat per meal. Of course, you can also use ready-made dog food. In the meantime, numerous exotic types of food are available in stores, for example, dry food and hypoallergenic wet food with kangaroo as well as healthy snacks for in between.

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