Labrador Retriever: Personality and Temperament

Labradors have an impeccable character. They are incredibly intelligent, peaceful, cheerful, and agile dogs that will easily make even the most inveterate pessimist smile and bring an unrivaled atmosphere of warmth and comfort to the house. In some countries, the Labrador is even considered a symbol of a prosperous family. Many newlyweds have this amazing pet as a promise of joy and family happiness.

Characteristics of the Labrador

The Labrador is an excellent working dog, strong, active and energetic, very agile. They are distinguished by excellent flair, soft grip when serving game, they love to swim. At the same time, the nature of the Labrador combines benevolence, poise, complaisance, and patience. Displaying aggression or cowardice is an unacceptable character defect of a Labrador.

Smart and quick-witted, Labradors easily adapt to new conditions and are well trained. These dogs are versatile, they playfully master the “profession” of a watchman, rescuer, guide, search engine, and also just a loyal and devoted companion. The owner’s instructions are followed with pleasure.

The nature of the Labrador dictates that they strive to become a full-fledged member of the family, constantly require attention, and try very hard to please and benefit. If your pet has the opportunity to follow you on your heels and take a feasible part in all (absolutely all!) Affairs, he will be happy. Loneliness is unbearable for them, this is worth remembering when deciding to get a Labrador.

However, all these wonderful qualities of the character of the Labrador are fully manifested only if you do not spare the time and effort in raising and training the dog.

With improper upbringing and insufficient attention, the temperament and activity of Labradors can result in uncontrollability, and from communicating with a pet you will receive not joy, but continuous grief. After all, this is, whatever one may say, a working breed, which requires an appropriate attitude and a serious approach.

Labrador and Children

The Labrador is often chosen as a family dog, especially if the family has children. However, one should not forget that the pet should never be purchased as a toy for children. Any dog is a full-fledged member of the family. And caring for her will completely fall on the shoulders of adults. Therefore, before buying a puppy, soberly assess your strength and think well.

The nature of the Labrador is such that they get along well with both adults and children. A well-bred Labrador retriever will be a great friend to your child and an excellent nanny. These dogs are extremely careful and intelligent with human babies, they are very patient, allow liberties, and even hooliganism. But in case of danger, you can be sure that the Labrador will not hesitate to defend the little owner.

However, do not forget that any dog needs education and training. And it will only depend on you how her relationship with your child develops.

If there are children under the age of three in the family, think carefully again. A dog requires a lot of time and attention, which may not be enough for both the pet and the child. Will it turn out that both will be deprived?

Children should be told that they need to be careful and affectionate towards a four-legged friend, not interfere with him and respect their needs, including privacy. In this case, the Labrador, for its part, will show only friendliness and tolerance.

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