Loyal Companions: The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

There are certain breeds of dogs that are especially good for the elderly. Retirees and seniors generally prefer dogs with less need for exercise and a calm mind. First and foremost, it is the small breeds of dogs that are suitable for the older generation. Read now which dog breeds are suitable for retirees and seniors and why.

Small Dogs


The tiny four-legged friend is lively and attentive. Dogs of this breed are brave, intelligent, and curious. A Chihuahua is loyal to its human being. His need for activity is medium, but the lively fellow needs a lot of attention to be happy. Chihuahuas are well suited for a close human-dog relationship. Since it is very light and small with an average of 2 kg, it can be easily transported.

Yorkshire Terrier

Intelligent, playful, and cheeky – this cute four-legged friend is a good choice for sprightly retirees and seniors. The little dog takes good care of the owner. He sees his job as protecting the house and owner. Despite its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier feels like a strong guardian.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is friendly, playful, and eager to learn. The fur needs a little attention, so it is suitable for sprightly seniors who like to deal intensively with their animal companion.


The pretty Maltese are affectionate, affectionate, and fixated on their people. They are ideal for single seniors because they want to be around them all the time. The lightweight weighs around 4 kilograms and is easy to transport. Bus and taxi rides are no problem with this dog.

Bolonka Zwetna

With its 3 to 4 kilograms, this pretty dog is an uncomplicated companion for seniors. The character of Bolonka Zwetna is calm and affectionate. Bolognese is intelligent and pleasant and also feels at home in a small apartment in the big city.

Coton de Tulear

Friendly, active, and bright – that’s a Coton de Tulear. The breed is particularly sociable and eager to learn. It is ideal for seniors because it likes to be in company. He doesn’t like being alone at all. Daily brushing ensures shiny dog hair and a close bond with the owner.


Animals of this breed are reliable companion dogs. The hair is silky and long, it needs regular maintenance. Nevertheless, the Löwchen is well suited for retirees and seniors because its nature is attentive and cuddly. A Löwchen is a suitable dog for beginners who, by the way, can also live in a city apartment.


This breed is known for being happy, playful, and eager to learn. The long coat needs a certain amount of attention – and that is almost the only challenge with a Havanese. Basically, the animal is the perfect lap dog that wants to please its humans. The walker doesn’t have to be too far. The Havanese also feel at home in small city apartments.


A Pekingese, self-confidently and proudly, orientates itself closely to its owner. The dog prefers a quiet everyday life with moderate exercise. This makes it a popular companion for seniors.


Papillons are happy and gentle animals. Dogs of this breed are cuddly and show a great need for support. A Papillon is confident and alert. Despite the small size, representatives of its breed are happy to move. Seniors should therefore be able to walk well and take regular walks.


A pug is easy to care for, playful, and sometimes lazy. For retirees, it means that short walks are enough in everyday life. In addition, the pug is docile, so training is easy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These lovely companion dogs are friendly and adaptable. Since they are docile, they are perfect everyday companions even for beginners. The creature is good-natured, gentle, and affectionate, they love to cuddle extremely well. They also get along well with other animals. He is not known as a yapper. These dogs love walks. Therefore, it is an option for seniors who allow him to exercise regularly, preferably in a busy park where he can meet other dogs.

Medium Sized Dogs


The lively poodle with its woolly, soft fur is particularly popular. It is available in different sizes, for example as a miniature poodle. A special feature is the willingness to learn and the ability to learn. Poodles do not need much exercise and are satisfied when they are allowed to be with their humans.

French bulldog

Small, compact, and muscular – the intelligent dog is easy to care for and docile. The French bulldog is well suited for a city apartment. She is gentle and easy to raise. The low urge to move makes the breed a downright senior dog.


This dog breed has a medium urge to move around and requires little maintenance. The animals are friendly and pleasant, adaptable and loyal. The Kromfohrländer trusts his people completely but shows restraint towards strangers. A special feature is their loving character, which makes him a very suitable dog for retirees.

Big Dogs

St. Bernard

Big, cozy, and in need of cuddling, that describes a Saint Bernard very well. A Saint Bernard is patient and has a strong protective instinct. In essence, he can be described as reliable, serene, and calm. This dog is suitable for seniors with a lot of space at home and a large garden if the house has a few stairs as possible. Saint Bernard dogs are only recommended for retirees and seniors if there is enough time and interest to train the majestic animal with stoic consistency.

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