Four-legged Roommates: Best Apartment Dogs

The rule of thumb is a big dog, big apartment – a small breed of dog, small apartment. But is that really true? Which characteristics make a four-legged friend an ideal roommate even with little space?

The Essentials in Brief

  • Classic apartment dogs have poor watchdog instincts;
  • You don’t need several hours of free running in the woods and meadows every day;
  • Her temperament is rather calm and set;
  • Older dogs can be ideal roommates;
  • Some large breeds of dogs are also happy in the apartment.

What Characteristics Make a Breed the Ideal Apartment Dog?

Breeds like German Shepherds, Border Collies or Labrador Retrievers don’t get their money’s worth when it comes to housing. Shepherds are distinct watchdogs that bark a lot – and sometimes drive the neighbors of the stairwell. Border Collies or Australian Shepherds, on the other hand, need a lot of exercise and encouragement. Because of their temperament, Labradors are also unsuitable for housing. With such breeds, being in close proximity to the outdoors is important. At least one garden should be available.

As with humans, there are such and such in dogs. Of course, all fur noses like to be outside, play, and enjoy life. But apartment dogs are generally more moderate in their behavior and like to doze. Ideal dogs for small apartments meet the following criteria:

  • By nature, they bark little;
  • They are well-balanced animals with a moderate temperament;
  • You are also satisfied with little exercise;
  • By the way: these characteristics also make the animals easy to care for dog breeds for beginners and professionals.

Big Dogs for the Apartment

Even if the vernacular says otherwise: Even large dogs are happy in small apartments – some at least. The following breeds in large format are also suitable as easy-care dogs for the home:

Great Dane in the apartment

The Great Dane is a cozy friend who likes to doze off and take a long rest. In addition, she is one of those four-legged friends who bark little – which makes her a popular neighbor. You can keep the Great Danes indoors as well.

Leonberger in the apartment

The Leonberger is an imposing animal of massive shape. Despite its size, it is not a bad choice as an apartment dog: it is a very calm dog breed. He has a relaxed temperament and is very balanced. Nothing upsets him. Bark? Nope. Usually, he just doesn’t feel like doing that.

The poodle in the apartment

The poodle comes in three different sizes, including tall ones. They are very adaptable animals that don’t bark a lot. They are happy to have exercise, but their salvation does not depend on running and romping around. Since they are very intelligent, they can be filled with tricks and educational games. And this is a perfect pastime for apartment dogs.

In the case of large breeds, the general living situation is the most important factor. An apartment on the fifth floor or higher is extremely unsuitable for large breeds. The apartment should also not be full so that there is as much free space as possible.

Medium-sized Dogs for the Home

The following fur noses are of medium stature and are very suitable for keeping at home:

Boston Terrier in the apartment

The Boston Terrier looks like a miniature boxer. He is quite undemanding and is already busy with games and regular walks in the settlement. The affectionate companions are wonderfully suitable as companions in everyday life.

Basenji in the apartment

The Basenji originally comes from the Congo. He is very easy to care for animals – not only because of the short coat. Fun is the order of the day with a Basenji: The intelligent and concentrated dog is particularly fond of games and learning tricks. But when there is nothing to do, he also likes to take a step back and doze for a while. Also: Basenjis can’t bark properly. That makes the neighborhood happy!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Even the handsome Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are easy to please. They are very affectionate and like to cuddle with people a lot. There are hardly any watchdog instincts, so annoying barking is not a problem either.

Small Dogs for the Apartment

The apartment does not make small animals ideal roommates. The character also has to be right. The neighbors are also happy with the following breeds.

Maltese in the apartment

The energetic Maltese is a playful dog and a great playmate! Due to its size of a maximum of 30 centimeters, it has space for it even in small apartments. Like many small breeds, he is also very affectionate.

Bichon Frise in the apartment

The small, white curly heads are simply charming! Bichon Frisés are in a good mood, but not barkers, like many terriers of the same size, for example. Long hours of cuddling and a few laps around the block make the little ones happy.

Pekingese in the apartment

The most popular dog breed of the Chinese is one of the most affectionate dogs around. Pekingese live from contact with their people. They also get along wonderfully with children. Barking or running free in the garden every day? Does not have to be.

Our Recommendation: Older Dogs are Ideal Roommates!

If you can’t decide which of the breeds mentioned, dedicate yourself to age. In principle, dogs from the advanced semester are ideally suited for keeping in a (small) apartment. They are more sedate, no longer as energetic, and also need less exercise than the young wild ones. However, an elevator should be available. Old dogs often suffer from osteoarthritis and joint problems.

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