Lungs for Dogs: Delicious and Easy Chewing Fun

Offal is an excellent addition to a dog’s diet. Fresh or dried, Lunge not only offers variety in taste, but it is also easy to digest and also suitable for sensitive, old, and overweight dogs. Find out more about how healthy the dog’s lungs are and what to consider when feeding.

Can Dogs Eat Lungs?

Yes, lungs are suitable for dogs. Both fresh and dried, it is suitable as a component of dog food or as a snack between meals. Dogs can eat the lungs of different animals for slaughter, for example:

  • Beef lung
  • Veal lung
  • Lamb lungs
  • Horse lungs
  • Buffalo lung

Pig lungs are unsuitable as raw pigs can transmit dangerous parasites and viruses to the dog.

How Healthy are Lungs for Dogs?

Lungs are healthy delicacies that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and low in fat. Beef lung consists of 70 to 80 percent high-quality protein, which can be used very well by dogs. With only about 10 percent fat, the beef lung is both low in fat and low in calories. This makes the delicacy not only suitable for puppies and adult dogs, but also for senior dogs and dogs that are overweight.

How to Feed the Dog with Lungs

When it comes to buying your dog’s lungs, you have a choice between fresh and dried products. Fresh beef lung is available from butchers or in barf shops. Dried chewing products, which are offered as supplementary feed by various dog food manufacturers, are more easily available.

Barps with fresh lungs

The raw lung is especially suitable for barfing. In addition to high-quality muscle meat and vegetables, nutrient-rich innards also belong in the dog’s bowl when feeding raw. Fresh beef lung is used in the barf menu to supply the dog with essential nutrients such as iron, amino acids and vitamins. Since lungs are less rich in calories and nutrients than other innards, they are particularly suitable as a light diet for dogs with weight problems.

Dried lungs for the dog

When dried, lungs serve as healthy treats for the dog. Dried snacks are very soft and therefore offer a lot of chewing fun. For sensitive dogs, seniors and puppies, the treat is a safe alternative to hard chews and bones. At the same time, dental care is supported and the formation of tartar is prevented. Natural lungs that are gently dried and do not contain any flavor enhancers, preservatives, or other additives are particularly healthy and digestible.

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