Makeup For Dogs: Leave It Alone!

Is it allowed to make up the dog? Children, in particular, enjoy putting make-up on their fur noses. However, the make-up is bad for the skin of the four-legged friend. An exception is dog nail polish, which consists of natural ingredients.

Makeup for Dog

  • Applying make-up to the dog’s snout has negative effects on health as the animal absorbs the ingredients of make-up.
  • Nail polish for the companion, which is made of organic materials, is harmless.

The Make-Up – the Alternative for the Pet

If you really want to beautify your loyal carnival companion, you can use dog nail polish. The special varnish contains natural oils, vitamins, and extracts of fruits. For this reason, the claw decoration is also harmless when licking or chewing. When applying make-up with the varnish, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tip: There are special templates for applying nail polish on the Internet. With the help of this, the claw of the companion can be decorated even more beautifully.

What Happens When People Put on Make-Up?

If you apply make-up to your darling as an adult or your child, it attacks the skin. If the four-legged friend licks off the make-up area, it can also lead to intolerance reactions. In cosmetics, there are often chemical substances such as

  • parabens
  • oil
  • aluminum
  • alcohol
  • fragrance
  • formaldehyde

contain. These substances affect the pet’s organism. Those who frequently or extensively make-up on the animal risk their health. In addition, the family member usually finds the make-up uncomfortable.

Tip: Make-up at a carnival is stressful and sometimes very harmful for fur noses. For this reason, it makes sense to refrain from embellishing this kind of thing.

Stop Applying the Make-Up!

Since some fur noses find dressing up uncomfortable, their behavior should be observed. If your four-legged friend feels uncomfortable putting on clothes, this should not be done.

  • Hats are a popular disguise for companions at Mardi Gras.
  • Sweaters and jackets protect the animal from the cold and create an individual carnival outfit.
  • For long-haired pets, a change can be achieved with a brace or elastic.
  • Dog shoes are cute accessories that are often seen at Carnival.
Alice White

Written by Alice White

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