Pillows, Sofa, Toys: When the Dog Destroys Everything

From chewed shoes to destroyed sofas – even small dogs can develop a great destructiveness. But why do some dogs break everything and what can you do about it? Pettime gives valuable tips.

Why Does My Dog Destroy Everything When I Leave?

Young dog or puppy?

Puppies or young dogs love to gnaw on everything. They especially like to chew on shoes. Sofa cushions, plants, or wicker baskets are also popular victims of animal gnawing activities. From the fourth month, the need to chew can increase, because then the new teeth loosen the milk teeth.

Dog is bored

Dogs that are underutilized tend to occupy themselves otherwise. They bark, become aggressive, or dismantle the apartment because they have no tasks.

The dog experiences stress or separation anxiety

Stress results, for example, from changes in the environment or pain. Separation anxiety as a special form of stress occurs immediately when you leave your dog alone.

What to Do If the Puppy Destroys Things?

When it comes to puppies, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Put your shoes in a locked closet – at least for the first few months. Don’t buy expensive leather leashes or wicker baskets for destructive puppies. If your young companion is teething, you should offer him alternatives. Ropes, chewing bones suitable for puppies, stuffed toys, and special chewing items that have to be filled with food are suitable for this. Caught your dog red-handed? Then say your break-off signal loud and clear, such as “no” or “stop”, and take the object away from the dog. Praise him if he chews on a chew toy instead.

Already slowly teach the puppy to be alone now and then. But don’t overdo it. How to prevent separation anxiety in adult dogs.

Pay attention to the right balance between rest and activity in your puppy and young dog.

Young dogs need a lot of breaks in order to process what they have experienced. Make sure your dog can doze and sleep for at least 16 hours a day without being disturbed. Without a break, young dogs turn too quickly – and then tend to chew on objects. A lockable dog box is a place for many young four-legged friends to come to rest. It has the further advantage that you cannot destroy anything from here.

What to Do When an Adult Dog Destroys Everything?

If your adult dog is breaking down the home or destroying a lot, ask yourself if he’s bored.

Many people underestimate the amount of time a dog takes on a daily basis.

Stressed dogs need exercise

If he is not given a species-appropriate occupation, he can start to destroy a lot out of boredom. An adult dog needs two to four hours of exercise per day, depending on its breed and constitution. There are breeds that need a lot of exercises, other dogs need less fresh air. He should be able to let off steam instead of just walking on foot. In addition, there is the necessary activity for the head: games, exercises, or dog sports challenge the dog and give him a task. This is important for every dog, with some breeds such as the Border Collie requiring a lot of exercise in particular. Offer your dog intelligence toys, teach them tricks, or take them to a dog club for training. Agility, dog dance, mantrailing, or trick courses, for example, are well suited.

Working together strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Don’t leave the dog alone for too long

That is why it is also suitable for many stressed or frustrated dogs. For example, dogs can show signs of frustration and stress after moving house or when the family has grown. If your four-legged friend suffers and dismantles the apartment because he is alone for several hours every day, you should consider alternatives. Before you leave the apartment, take your dog for a long walk to keep him tired. If he still destroys the apartment, you should think about a dog sitter or a dog boarding house. Maybe you can take your four-legged friend with you to work? More and more employers are now allowing dogs in the office. Of course, your dog shouldn’t break anything here. If being alone is the cause of his destructiveness, the problem will take care of itself.

Dog trainer last resort

If you can’t find a cause for your four-legged friend’s fury, seek advice from an expert. You should also do this if your adult dog has separation anxiety. A dog trainer can work with you to find out which approach is most promising for your individual situation. Dog trainers or dog psychologists can also help you if the dog is under stress due to changed living conditions or a difficult past. Some dogs are stressed because they are in a lot of pain. These can arise, for example, from tooth or joint problems. If you suspect pain, present your four-legged friend to the vet.

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