Pomeranian Bear Type: Dog Care

Many people are afraid of owning dogs, even those as miniature as the bear-type Pomeranian, due to the fact that they will have to be carefully looked after. This is partly true, any animal requires attention and care. It is necessary not only to monitor the appearance of the pet but also to monitor the state of his health.

Pomeranian Bear Type: Care Tips

Teddy Bear Pomeranians are cute and very small dogs that fill the house with happiness, fun, and active games. In order for the animal to feel good and comfortable at home, it is necessary to provide it with decent living conditions and appropriate care.

Important! Bear-type Pomeranians have a dense, padded coat with long hair that tends to fall into tangles. Grooming by a professional master is a must.

In addition, you will have to provide a small dog with good living conditions, proper nutrition, proper hair care, preventive cleaning of teeth, eyes, and ears. All dogs must be clipped and monitored and monitored by a veterinarian. Don’t forget about vaccinations.

Teddy Bear Poms: Maintenance

To provide decent maintenance, you need to make room for your orange puppy. It should be a spacious corner, not located in the hallway or in the kitchen. The best place would be the master bedroom. A spacious bedding bed or a portable box with a mattress is a great place for your dog to rest.

Important! Place your pet’s bed away from heating appliances and drafts.

To make the animal feel comfortable, you can put his favorite toy or a small dry treat on the bedding, which he will gnaw in the absence of the owners. Also, the orange should always have water in constant availability.

Pomeranian Bear Type: Hair Care

The Teddy Bear Pomeranian has a thick coat that must be trimmed and trimmed regularly. For this, it is better to contact a professional groomer. He will do everything quickly and easily.

However, for the coat to look beautiful and well-groomed, the owners also have to work hard. It is necessary to comb the dog’s fur coat 2 – 3 times a week. During the period of seasonal molting, combing the pet’s coat should be done daily.

For home hair care you will need:

  • slicker on a rubber base (it will prevent the formation of tangles);
  • a comb with frequent and rare teeth (it will help to arrange a fur coat);
  • blunt-tipped scissors (needed when trimming the coat).

Before bathing at home, the dog must be combed with a slicker. This should be done as carefully as possible so as not to damage the delicate skin of the animal. After the bath, the dog is dried with a compressor and the coat is decorated with scissors and a comb.

Teddy Bear Pomeranian: Cleaning Eyes, Ears, Teeth

Small dogs with bulging eyes often suffer from eye diseases and uncontrolled lacrimation. To avoid this, regularly check the condition of your pet’s eyes and wipe them with a dry cloth. It is better not to get carried away with special lotions. They can cause allergies and harm.

It is imperative to brush your teeth. This will require a special brush and paste, which are sold in veterinary stores. It is necessary to accustom the dog to the hygienic procedure gradually, without using violence.

Ears are also one of the most vulnerable spots in dogs. During games, a lot of dust and dirt gets there. They must be cleaned once a week with a soft cloth or cotton pad dipped in glycerin lotion.

Pomeranian Nail Care

Nails grow very quickly in Bear-type Pomeranian, this is especially noticeable in winter when they do not wear off naturally on the asphalt. You will have to cut them about once a month. This is done very carefully using a special nail clipper for small breeds of dogs.

Important! Do not forget about the fifth toe of the animal. He most of all needs nail trimming.

Feeding Tips To Pomeranian

If natural feeding is selected, it is assumed that the dog’s diet will be based on meat, fish, and organ meats. Beef, chicken, and lean fish, liver, heart, or tripe are great. If your pet is not getting enough fish, it can be replaced by adding fish oil to the diet.

It is also necessary to include in the feeding vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the orange. A small amount of cereal will also be beneficial for a miniature pet.

If you don’t feel like messing around with preparing food for your pet, you should choose a balanced dry food for the Pomeranian Bear type from the premium segment. It will replenish all the necessary elements in the dog’s body.

Veterinary Surveillance and Vaccinations

Even if the dog is not sick, a preventive examination by a veterinarian is necessary every six months. You should also be regularly vaccinated according to the approved schedule. Puppies have a specific vaccination schedule, and adult dogs are vaccinated once a year.

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