Pony of the Americas (POA)

This Pony of the Americas (POA) is like a diminished copy of the Arab and the Quarter Horse together. It was bred to create a native breed, so as not to resort to the forced exports of horses from England anymore.

Main Characteristics

  • Type: mesomorphic
  • Origin: the USA.
  • Distribution: the USA, Canada
  • Coat color: Appaloosa shades (colorful spotted coat)
  • Height to the withers: 1.14-1.37 m
  • Usage: saddle
  • Character: docile, calm, balanced, tough


The coat color is classified on the basis of the six color types of the Appaloosa breed “leopard”, “snowcap”, “snowflake”, “frost”, “marbled”, “spotted blanket”, and “white blanket”.

  • The head has a slightly flattened profile with pointed, attentive, straight ears.
  • The eyes are large, rolled up, delicate, with a white area around the pupil (like the Appaloosa has).
  • The skin on the nose and around the nostrils (pink) is covered with fuzzy, white, and black spots.
  • The neck is slightly arched, the back is well set, the withers protrude. The dorsolumbar line is short and straight, and the body is rounded, short, and muscular.
  • The mane is thick, the tail is set high.
  • The chest is broad, the abdomen is broad and deep.
  • The forearms are well shaped, well-proportioned.
  • The hocks are correct and give a strong spurt to the legs.
  • The tendons are thin but strong.
  • The pasterns have the right length.
  • The hooves are well-shaped.


This colorful breed of the Pony of the Americas was bred due to Leslie Boomhower’s passionate work in Mazon City, Iowa. Her goal was to breed a riding pony with a good build and interesting coat colors, adaptable to all equestrian disciplines, and especially easy to handle for children.

The crossbreeding with the Shetland stallion and the Appaloosa mare produced Black Hand (1954), the ancestor of the breed. Later, the crossbreeding was made with the Arabian and the Quarter Horse. Now the influence of the Shetland pony blood is little apparent, as the Arabian and Appaloosa characteristics dominate. The POA Club founded by the same Leslie Boomhower in 1956 aims to maintain the registers of the breed and monitor compliance with the standard.


The Pony of the Americas is compact, balanced, with an elegant and smooth walk. It has a gentle, calm character; it is well suited for riding students as well as for riding experts. These horses successfully participate in all equestrian competitions as they are endowed with great ability to overcome obstacles, harmony, and ease in the performance of dressage figures.

Alice White

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