Pregnancy and Puppy Birth of the Caucasian Shepherd

In the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, pregnancy lasts about two months, that is, the period of gestation of puppies lasts from 56 to 66 days.

The birth of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is problem-free, but it is advisable that an experienced veterinarian be with the expectant mother during the birth of the puppies.

Caring for a Pregnant Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Since the formation of the fetus begins from the very first days of the female’s pregnancy, then during this period it is necessary for her to be properly, not limited to fifteen-minute outings, to walk and fully feed, preferably food intended for pregnant dogs. Veterinarians recommend feeding your dog an easily digestible food that is high in protein, adding fish oil, bone meal, and fresh vegetables to the food. In the first half of pregnancy, the dog can be fed three times a day, and in the second half, she needs to eat at least four times a day, the female must receive mineral feeding and vitamins.

After the first month of pregnancy, the dog should not jump and be given an exhausting run, it is also recommended not to expose the pregnant female to stressful situations. The female should be removed from training and work during pregnancy and lactation.

In the third week of pregnancy, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog becomes “finicky” in food and shows a lack of appetite even after a long walk. The behavior of the dog does not change, the only thing that some owners note is that their pets sleep more during pregnancy.

The First Signs of Puppybirth of the Caucasian Shepherd

For each dog, the first signs of puppy birth are individual, but in one thing, Female Caucasian dogs that have begun to give birth are similar to each other – their behavior changes greatly. They whine pitifully, scrub the bedding, and refuse to eat. Girls who give birth for the first time behave restlessly, do not find a place for themselves, constantly run around the room. At these moments, the owner is required to have an affectionate and attentive attitude towards his dog, and experienced owners of dogs of this breed recommend taking the pet to a veterinarian for examination a few days before giving birth, especially if it is her first birth. It will not be difficult for the owner to determine the proximity of the generic process to the owner, since five days before giving birth, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog will begin to release milk from the mammary glands, although, during the first birth, the female may not have milk. When there is very little time left before giving birth, the females, as a rule, lie down in a certain position – lowering their head between the outstretched forepaws. The dog’s loop becomes soft and a thick, sticky discharge appears.

It is important for the owner to be fully prepared for the childbirth of his dog and to prepare in advance the things that may be needed during puppy birth:

  • you need to prepare several bedding per shift;
  • you need hot water;
  • gauze napkins;
  • scissors;
  • sterilized linen threads.

It is necessary to prepare a dimly lit, secluded place for the dog, where there are no drafts. Many owners prepare in advance a durable box made of strong material with a removable insulated bottom.

Before giving birth to a Caucasian Shepherd Dog, you need to cut the hair around the reproductive organs.

The Birth Process of the Caucasian Shepherd

Puppy birth in Caucasian Shepherd Dogs usually takes place calmly, without any complications, and the labor process can take up to one day. Puppy birth takes place in three stages. During the first stage, the birth canal expands. During the second stage, contractions become noticeable and puppies are born, this process can take about two hours. The placenta is excreted during the third stage, this process takes place five to fifteen minutes after the birth of the first puppy. During puppy birth, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs prefer to lie on their right side.

If puppy birth is delayed, that is, it lasts more than ten hours, then it is necessary to take the dog for a walk periodically so that it can fulfill its natural needs, and physical activity will stimulate labor activity.

Dogs from a born puppy themselves bite the umbilical cord and eat the membranes, but the female should not be allowed to eat all the traces, as this will lead her to indigestion.

Caring for a Whelped Caucasian Shepherd

After giving birth, the dog should not undergo physical exertion, if the weather is cold outside, then it is advisable to shorten the walks so as not to expose the pet to possible diseases.

The mammary glands of a woman in labor and her reproductive organs need to be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate twice a day.

It is advisable that the dog was under the supervision of a veterinarian, but if circumstances do not allow for constant medical supervision, then the dog must be taken at least several times for examination to a veterinary clinic.

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