Caucasian Shepherd Dog: Personality and Temperament

Huge and fierce at first glance, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are excellent watchmen, but with proper upbringing, you can control their aggression.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not suitable for people who decide to have a pet for the first time. This serious breed requires an experienced dog breeder who will make every effort to educate and socialize it. Suitable for life on the street, where the dog is much more comfortable and spacious than in the apartment.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Family Members

Being excellent guard dogs, representatives of the breed are ready to fiercely protect their owner, all family members, even cats and other animals that live in the family, as well as are ready to protect the property and borders of their territory. However, watchful and protective qualities are also manifested when acquaintances, friends, relatives, other people’s children come to visit.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, independent in character, are prone to dominance. Therefore, the owner must always show who is in charge of the family (flock), otherwise, the animal will take on this role. It is important that the dog understands that all family members are superior in status.

Calm in nature, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are not playful animals. They, of course, will be glad to the attention of family members, they will be happy to go out for a walk together, will take part in joint family activities in nature, but they will not bustle under their feet, ask them to throw a ball. Adult dogs have a low level of activity, however, they need physical activity to maintain their health.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs love the children of the owner but treat them with restraint because these dogs still choose one owner in the family. Adult animals should not be left alone with children, especially if other people’s children who come to visit participate in their game. During the game, children can cry, scream, quarrel, throw toys, an animal can regard such actions as rudeness and its reaction can be immediate – from growling to a bite. However, even the growl of an animal of impressive size can cause stress and fear in children.

A distinctive character trait of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is loyalty and loyalty to the owner. These intelligent creatures are gentle and calm with those to whom they attach themselves, whom they know.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Strangers

An innate distrust of strangers makes the breed representatives show aggression towards strangers, especially those who have invaded the dog’s territory. The strong-willed Caucasian Shepherd Dogs show fearlessness if they and their family members are in danger.

If the dog considers that the family is in danger, it will begin to act without waiting for the owner’s command. Representatives of the breed at the level of instincts know where the vulnerabilities of living beings are. In case of danger, she will pounce on the intruder (even if this is a guest who came with good intentions). It costs nothing for the dog to attack and defeat a person who seems to be an enemy. Her enormous height and weight can neutralize anyone, not to mention the consequences of bites.

Well-bred and timely socialized Caucasian Shepherd Dogs will not attack everyone they meet. Without the command of the owner, they will behave with restraint, expressing their dissatisfaction with only growls.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Other Animals

Dogs of this breed can live in harmony with other dogs, but with the manifestation of dominance from time to time. Representatives of the breed are tolerant of small animals that are part of the family, but foreign animals that invade the dog’s territory will face aggression generated by the prey instinct. So a chicken that has had the imprudence to violate the boundaries can face a sad end.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Obedience

Representatives of the breed are inclined to learning, but they will follow the commands of the owner only if they consider them necessary and justified and if they understand that the owner is the leader. A strong sense of independence will force the animal to show dominance and these attempts must be stopped in a timely manner. Therefore, in training the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, it is important to maintain consistency, show firmness, patience and use positive methods that involve reward.

Representatives of the breed have a well-developed intellect, but at times they can be stubborn, especially if the owner is rude. Only a confident, persistent, patient owner who can win the dog’s respect can cope with the training.

Education and socialization are necessary stages in the life of pets, especially if an exhibition career is planned for a dog, living in an urban environment, where you will have to walk the animal in public places every day. Puppies show signs of aggression as early as 3 months of age. Therefore, it is important to timely teach your pet good behavior and make it clear that a person who is not a family member is not an enemy.

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