Miniature Dachshund Dog Breed Information

Dwarf or miniature dachshunds rank second in the breed’s “dimensional grid”. More than they in terms of chest volume can be standard individuals, less – rabbit dachshunds.

Origin of Dwarf or Mini Dachshunds

Miniature dachshund

The Germans are great lovers of hunting. It is not surprising that one of the best hunting breeds for burrowing animals appeared there. Agile, intelligent, and at the same time temperamental pets, they have combined many interesting qualities. They can be both hunters and sportsmen at the same time. Be loving pets and courageous protectors and guardians. Dachshunds are a godsend for those who want to brighten up everyday life by communicating with a dog.

Initially, there were only dogs of standard sizes with a chest volume of 35 cm. When breeders wanted to breed smaller animals, they did not succeed right away. For example, the offspring from the union of dachshunds and dwarf pinschers were small in size, but completely unsuitable for hunting. The approach has changed. They began to bring together purebred miniature individuals. The process was very long and time-consuming, but effective. The final formation of the dwarf species ended only at the end of the 19th century.

Miniature Dachshund: Appearance

As already mentioned, dwarf dachshunds are somewhere between the standard and rabbit varieties. Their chest girth varies from 30 to 35 cm. Such miniature dimensions allow the dog to easily get into even the narrowest burrow. Height at the withers does not exceed 21 cm, weight – up to 4.5 kg. Otherwise, the appearance of these dachshunds is no different from the other two types.

Coat, Color

According to the type of color, the breed is also divided into three varieties. Dogs with smooth coats have a short and straight coat that fits tightly to the body. They have no undercoat. Long-haired dogs are very attractive to look at. Their cover hair is mostly straight, some areas may have a slight wave. On the paws, ears, and tail, the hairs are longer. There is a light undercoat. The wire-haired variety is not even always associated with this breed. They look more like terriers in appearance. Their coat is hard, with an undercoat, of medium length. A beard grows on the muzzle of the dogs, there are bushy eyebrows above the eyes.

The colors of the dwarfs are also very diverse. Their wool can be dyed in one color, two-tone or mixed. Black and tan and red dachshunds are more popular. Marble dwarfs look especially exotic.

Care and Maintenance

It is impossible to call the dwarf representatives of the breed sissies. However, it is necessary for them to provide decent and suitable living conditions. These dogs are absolutely not suitable for outdoor keeping. Comfort and warmth are important for them, but taxis are just as important and need to be on the street. Without physical exertion, dwarf dachshunds gain excess weight and acquire a number of dangerous diseases.

You can feed your pets both dry and natural food. Drying must be of good quality and the natural food must be fresh and suitable for the dachshund. You cannot treat a dog with human food, feed it with smoked meats, sweets, salty dishes. It is forbidden to give fish and chicken bones.

Grooming usually doesn’t take long. You can monitor the appearance of your pets both at home and use the services of specialists. Grooming, brushing, clipping nails, brushing teeth and ears should be regular.

Dwarf dachshunds are great pets that you simply won’t get bored with. They are very lively and inquisitive. For their owners, they become best and loyal friends.

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