Rottweiler Puppy Training

The Rottweiler is a loyal and reliable friend. Without further thought, he will rush to protect the owner from any danger, will day and night guard the territory or object entrusted to him. However, he will be able to become such only on the condition that the owner invests a lot of effort in his upbringing and attracts professionals to training.

Rottweiler Training Secrets

Rottweiler dog training

All representatives of this breed are very strong both physically and mentally. Even puppies now and then strive to show their dominant temperament, trying to take a leadership position. In order for the dog to develop a strong relationship with the owner, it must see him/her as often as possible. The owner should also be engaged in upbringing, if the training will be engaged in a little bit of a good result, this will not give.

Important! Rottweilers respond well to training in general, but sometimes they can react a little inhibited to a change in occupation.

Experts recommend starting classes with a puppy from the age of one month. This is the best period to train your baby to use the toilet, leash, and couch. It is much easier to wean a puppy from such bad habits as biting hands, damage to furniture and personal belongings of the owner. The main thing is not to let him do this now and in the future, and already adult dog will also behave well.

Taking on the education of a Rottweiler, you must remember that this is not an easy matter, you have to be patient and persistent. These qualities will help the owner to achieve unquestioning command execution from the pet. If the dog obeys and does what is wanted of it, good behavior must be encouraged. If not, you need to continue to insist on your own. You can raise your voice a little, flick the newspaper on the nose of the playing mischief, but nothing more.

Important! By the age of five months, the dog should already clearly distinguish between the boundaries of what is permissible. Starting from six months, Rottweilers become very capricious and refuse to obey the commands of the owner. The main thing for that is not to give slack and not to go with the impudent teenager on the leash.

At home, the owner can independently teach the Rottweiler simple skills and abilities:

Name. It is necessary to call the puppy by name immediately after it got into its new home.

Cope with needs on the street. This process may take some time. In order for the puppy to understand that the natural need needs to be celebrated on the street, it will have to be taken out for a walk several times a day.

Basic Commands. “Don’t”, “Sit”, “Down”, “To me”, Place” can be mastered by a dog without the involvement of professionals. The main thing that the owner must remember is that it is possible to start learning something new only after the previous skill has been fully mastered.

Walking on a leash. At first, a little stubborn person may resist the presence of a collar and harness, but over time it will get used to it.

Training should be done in a calm environment. The dog should not be distracted or annoyed by anything. It is best to conduct classes at the same time. If the dog is distracted from the exercise, the training can be stopped or the place where it is held. Remember to reinforce your skills.

More complex teams, guard duty, and other Rottweiler skills cannot be taught at home. To do this, it is necessary to involve professionals in dog training.

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