Running, Swimming, Hunting: These Dogs are Real Sports Enthusiasts

Anyone who prefers a sporty type of dog needs a four-legged friend who appreciates active and physical activity. Not every animal is suitable for running, cycling, etc. The following list reveals 14 dog breeds that fit perfectly into a sporty household.

The Essentials in Brief

  • Sporty dogs need plenty of exercise and exercise;
  • Animal sports cannons must not be under or overburdened;
  • The animal’s weight, age, and health are critical when it comes to getting the right dose of exercise;
  • The dog should fit the lifestyle and vice versa.

Sporty Dogs for Active Outdoor Lovers and Sporty Adventurers

Before work is a short run and in the evening you go back to the terrain with the bike? This is a normal day for an athlete who likes to be on the move a lot. Sporty adventurers often want a partner by their side who also appreciates that. It’s a perfect job for a four-legged friend. However, not every pet is up for a sporting challenge. While the pug is sure to have enough of cycling after a few meters and better take a seat in a dog trailer, a Weimaraner is ready to follow everywhere. It is not uncommon for dog owners to ask themselves questions such as: “Which dog suits me and my family?” Here’s a look at which 14 breeds are perfect for an active lifestyle.

Rhodesian Ridgeback – the runner

Not only do you have an athletic physique, but you also have a lot of energy. A Rhodesian Ridgeback is the ideal dog for passionate runners. Incidentally, this breed is used to hot ambient temperatures, so they continue to run even in hot summers. The Ridgeback has high demands and is less suitable for beginners. They are very sensitive animals. You need an owner who will raise you lovingly but firmly. The strong hunting instinct must not be forgotten but must be controlled.

Dalmatian – the companion

The funny-looking animals are real sports cannons. As companion dogs, they like to be by their master’s side and love to be out and about for several hours. For a long time, the pretty furry nose was considered a fashion dog. In the meantime, the euphoria has subsided somewhat. It is important that the Dalmatian has a master who is consistent. This is because it is a very strong breed. Dalmatians are not beginner dogs.

Australian Shepherds – the adventurer

Many know this breed as protective herding dogs. In addition, the four-legged friends have a lot of strength and excellent condition. You can therefore enjoy as much exercise as possible. In addition, the Australian Shepherds stand out as family-friendly, sporty dogs. If necessary, you can easily take this breed with you into the mountains.

German Shorthaired Pointer – the persistent

Those who like to walk on planned routes for a long time will find the perfect partner in the Deutsch Kurzhaar. The breed is known for excellent endurance. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a classic hunting dog with a very good sense of smell. He is also characterized by his attachment, which is why he is suitable for families with children. Correct handling and sufficient exercise, as well as occupation such as retrieval training, are important.

Shetland Sheepdog – the agile

Shelties are the smaller “relatives” of the Border Collie. They need a lot of exercise and exercise. But they are ideally suited as small, sporty dogs without hunting instinct for the family. The breed is available for every sport. The same goes for mental training. Shelties are very intelligent and also need consistent support here.

Jack Russell Terrier – the bundle of energy

The smallest in the group is still one of the real sports cannons on this list. Small, sporty dogs like the Jack Russell Terrier have an enormous amount of energy. As a rule, not just daily exercise is enough for you. They need a lot of activity so that they can work off.

Border Collie – the smart one

Running and skill go hand in hand in the Border Collie. It is not uncommon for intelligent animals to be examined at competitions or dog shows. The medium-sized dogs are also incredibly agile and also known for their talents as herding dogs. It is important to ensure a good utilization so that the animals do not get bored.

German Shepherd Dog – the classic

Many know the German Shepherd Dog as a companion to the police. This image is mainly due to his sporty nature and his good senses. However, the animals are prone to hip problems. So too much training should be avoided. A big plus point: You protect masters or mistresses – come what may.

Doberman Pinscher – the versatile one

The breed was originally bred as working and watchdog. Nowadays it is still used by the police or customs. In addition, Dobermans are also excellent rescue and therapy dogs. They are very active and should only move into a household that can offer them enough daily exercise. In addition, the animals need intellectual challenges.

Weimaraner – the one who loves to move

If you are looking for sporty dog breeds for jogging, the Weimaraner is the right place for you. The dogs are extremely happy to move and love to be out and about in uneven, difficult terrain.

Golden Retriever – the outdoorsman

Sporty dogs for beginners who like to do a lot are golden retrievers (and all other types of retrievers). These four-legged friends are very active with all their senses outside in nature and need a lot of activity. Although the breed has a hunting instinct, it is easy to control. Golden Retrievers are very adaptable and bred to be with humans. However, the fur nose needs longer walks and a lot of activity several times a day.

Labrador Retriever – the family favorite

Whether hiking, cycling, or long, extended tours of discovery: the Labrador Retriever is the perfect companion. He is one of the sporty dogs with no hunting instinct, which is why he is often kept as a family dog. Its amiable character makes the bundle of energy an absolute favorite of children. The sporty dog breed without hunting instinct needs sufficient exercise and action every day because it is also very playful.

Siberian husky – the outdoor lover

As classic sled dogs, the Siberian huskies are a prime example of four-legged friends who are in need of exercise. The breed needs a lot of exercises and is by no means suitable for urban keeping. They prefer to run next to the bike or accompany them on outdoor adventures on hikes.

Newfoundland dog – the big one

This breed is not only incredibly large but also very in need of outdoors. They are therefore one of the robust dog breeds. The Newfoundlanders love the water and are really crazy about swimming. They also have infinite energy, which is why every sporting adventure in nature is possible with them.

Our Recommendation: Choose the Sporty Dog According to Your Own Needs

If you want to buy sporty dogs now, you should first ask yourself how active your four-legged friend should be. Under or overstrain is in no way good for the animal. Check how much time you actually have in everyday life and on weekends before you buy a dog that loves to move around. One adventure a year, such as a hiking holiday, is by no means enough for some breeds. You should therefore convince yourself beforehand that the needs and housing conditions of the animal match your beliefs and preferences.

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