The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Germany

Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Pinscher: Clearly, Germany is a canine nation. But not all breeds are equally popular. Read here which four-legged friends make it into the top 10 most popular dog breeds in Germany.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Germany

It is an indisputable fact that has become increasingly apparent in recent years: Germans are dog fans. There are more and more dogs in this country, more and more service providers who have specialized in the business with fur noses: dog photographers, dog sitters, dog trainers, and even dog morticians.

But which races are we two-legged particularly fond of? While the mongrel is still ahead of the pack, the comparison portal Check24 compared dog liability insurance policies for purebred four-legged friends in 2019 – with the following result:

1st Place: The Labrador

He is and remains the most popular dog in Germany – and rightly so, as we think! The Labrador makes an excellent family dog who gets on well with everyone. Because of his constant amiability and his playful and happy nature, this intelligent retriever is also used as a guide dog and assistance dog.

2nd Place: the French Bulldog

This bright little cheeky badger cheated his way into the hearts of Germans for a reason. The brave, loyal and affectionate French Bulldog is a relaxed and rather unsportsmanlike mini-Molossian who is wonderfully suitable as an apartment dog and is therefore particularly popular with city dwellers. When buying, however, you should choose a reputable breeder who is familiar with brachycephaly and who cares about the health of the animals.

3rd Place: the Chihuahua

Little dog, big heart! The tiny little one of the most popular dog breeds in Germany is the bright Chihuahua, which is not always aware of its size. It can happen that this courageous four-legged friend messes with dogs that are five times his size. Thanks to its attachment and its practical travel size, this extraordinary four-legged friend is a favorite of the Germans.

4th Place: The Golden Retriever

Real sunshine: Who would not want to have a good-humored, lovable, and crazy dog like the Golden Retriever at home? No wonder that the golden fur nose has been in the top 5 of the most popular dogs in Germany for years. This clever four-legged friend is also often used as a helper in an emergency, for example as a therapy dog or rescue dog.

5th Place: The Australian Shepherd

This extremely intelligent and eager-to-learn herding dog has made its way from Australia to Germany with its liveliness – where it has long been one of the most popular breeds. The Australian Shepherd, with its inquisitive nature and great desire to please its owner, is perfect for all kinds of dog sports such as dog dancing, agility, or obedience.

6th Place: The Jack Russell Terrier

This funny guy has a lot of energy and wraps everyone around the paw with temperament and self-confidence. This little terrier is extremely sociable, fearless, and playful – in short: if you have such a specimen at home, you will never be bored!

7th Place: The German Shepherd Dog

Of course, one thing should not be missing on this list: The German Shepherd Dog is and will remain a classic in German households. This balanced, clever, and majestic dog is just as suitable for family dogs as it is for working dogs: He is often used as a guard dog, police dog, or drug detection dog. Because of this versatility, it is also one of the most popular breeds in the world.

8th Place: The Bolonka Zwetna

This little Russian dog is especially cute and smart. Thanks to its affection, it is particularly suitable for seniors who are looking for a loyal companion. It is also suitable for beginners, as it is cheerful, robust, and extremely adaptable. No wonder that this little fuzzy dog snuggled into the hearts of the Germans.

9th Place: The Havanese

Similar to the Bolonka Zwetna, the Havanese is a particularly affectionate companion dog. With his crazy nature, he is especially popular with children, whom he loves above all else. He can spend hours playing dog games and is extremely friendly to everyone.

10th Place: The Yorkshire Terrier

Although he looks extremely cute, you have to recognize the little Yorkie for what he is: a real terrier. He is bright, intelligent, and very lively. Not surprising, after all, it was originally used to hunt rats. Today he is in most cases a companion dog, but still wants to be challenged.

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