The Best Dog Breeds for Running

Endurance sports are also possible with a dog. Most dogs like exercise, but which four-legged friends are particularly good at running and athletic? We tell you more about the breeds that are best suited to an active master and mistress for fast runs.

Animals between 30 and 60 centimeters at the withers are good choices for jogging. For obvious reasons, you should protect your four-legged friends with illnesses, puppies, or older dogs.

These fur noses are particularly suitable for doing sports together:

Border Collies love exercise

Border Collies are intelligent four-legged friends with a great willingness to work and move around. In addition, the animals tend to protect the owner from danger.

Jack Russel Terriers like exercise

Jack Russel Terriers are in good condition and enjoy constant movement. The lively comrades show amazing stamina when jumping and running. The cheerful and spirited breed is also robust.

Australian Shepherd, a suitable dog for jogging

Australian Shepherds master obstacles easily and have good stamina. They are also herding and protection dogs, which means that they always keep an eye on their people.

English setters are athletic

English setters are athletic companions who are docile and nimble. This breed is eager, energetic, and rarely needs breaks while walking and jogging. The same applies to the other breeds of setters.

Poodles follow at every turn

Poodles are obedient pets who always follow the will of the owner and have a lot of energy. In addition to the standard poodle, the small poodle is also suitable for physical activities such as jogging.

Our recommendation: Choose an Australian Shepherd as your jogging partner

Go for an Aussie because he loves to move. An Australian Shepherd has these advantages when exercising:

  • The animal has a protective and watchful instinct, which is pleasant when running in the dark. Apart from that, the dog will keep an eye on you and stay close to you;
  • The concentrated companion is also suitable for long jogging trips;
  • The enduring animal could easily run several laps a day, it is so resilient and agile;
  • Since Australian Shepherds want to please their owner, these animals listen to your commands perfectly even during sport.
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