The First Dog Shower: How To Bathe A Puppy

Puppies are cute and cuddly, but they can also turn out to be real rogues. With their impetuous manner, the curious baby dogs love to wallow in the dirt. Sometimes just a bath will help to get the puppy fresh and clean again. There are a few things to consider so that bathing is successful and you don’t scare the dog away. With our step-by-step instructions, puppy washing is guaranteed to be a success.

When Is It Allowed to Bathe Puppies?

The basic rule is that a puppy must not be bathed before it is three months old. The reason for this is the body’s own protective coat on the puppy’s sensitive skin, which can be unbalanced by bathing too early. In addition, the body’s own smells are important for the puppy when he is still growing up with his mother and siblings. After all, sniffing each other is an important means of communication for dogs.

How Often Does a Puppy Need to Be Bathed?

Bathe your puppy as often as necessary, but as infrequently as possible. Bathing too often damages the protective function of skin and fur. It is better to use a comb and brush more often and brush the dirt out of the fur. Every dog should only take a bath if there is really no other option.

What Do You Need for Washing Puppies?

The first bath is exciting for the puppy; after all, it is a completely new situation for the young dog. Get your pet used to it slowly by giving yourself plenty of time during the first bath and slowly getting your puppy used to the procedure. The right equipment helps to make cleaning as pleasant as possible for your dog. You will need the following products for a puppy’s bath:

  • A bathtub, baby bathtub, or a suitable plastic tub that is big enough for your pup;
  • An anti-slip mat so that the dog does not slip on the smooth floor of the bathtub and injures himself;
  • A gentle and mild dog shampoo that is pH-neutral and is gentle on tender puppy skin;
  • Warning: Shampoo for humans is not suitable for dogs;
  • A washcloth or soft sponge to clean sensitive areas of the body;
  • A hand shower or a jug of lukewarm water to rinse off;
  • A soft towel to dry off.

Here’s How to Bathe Your Puppy Step by Step

With these tips, bathing will quickly become a routine for your puppy:

Step 1: combing

Comb the fur thoroughly to remove any loose hair. Carefully remove fur knots or, if necessary, carefully cut them from the fur before bathing the dog.

Step 2: dry runs

Put the puppy in the bathtub, which is still dry. In this way, he can first familiarize himself with the unfamiliar environment.

Step 3: take in water

Fill the bathtub with water slowly so as not to startle the puppy. The water should not be too cold or too warm but should be around body temperature. Wait until there is enough water in the tub and gradually moisten all of the animal’s fur.

Step 4: shampoo and wash

Lather up a small amount of the mild, neutral pH dog shampoo with your hands and start shampooing the puppy. Start at the back and leave out the face for now. Lastly, clean the face with a washcloth or a soft sponge.

Step 5: rinse off

Thoroughly rinse the dog shampoo out of the fur. This works best with a hand shower. Only turn the water on slightly, however, as the excessive water pressure can be uncomfortable for the puppy. Alternatively, you can use a jug of water to rinse the dog off.

Step 6: dry off thoroughly

Thoroughly dry the washed puppy with a fresh, soft towel. Under no circumstances should you use a blow dryer; let your dog air dry in a warm place. On colder days, you can put a dog bathrobe on the puppy after bathing.

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