What does a Black Dog Mean in a Dream

There is a popular belief that cats dream of people to bad news: failures in love, the disadvantage in business, loss of friends. Dreams about dogs are interpreted as good, promising good luck, good health, and harmony in the family.


Review of the ten dream books about a black dog

To make sure for sure, consider the popular and little-known dream books:

Miller’s dream book

It should be noted that not all dream books mention the color of the animal. So, in Miller’s dream book, for example, a bias is made on the character of the dog. If a good animal is dreaming, then this portends business success, the acquisition of true friends. An aggressive animal is a symbol of imminent problems that enemies will throw up. If the sleeping person sees that he is the owner of a thoroughbred dog (even white, even black), then such a dream is to profit. A small black dog or a doggie of any other color, looking like a cute toy, dreams of a girl or woman to meet an attractive but superficial man. But to kill a black dog is a dream for good, which is interpreted as a victory over enemies, a way out of a difficult situation.

Dream interpretation by Wanga

More specifically, to find out what the black dog is dreaming of, the famous dream book of Vanga allows. The Bulgarian seer believed that the dog with dark hair was a symbol of the dreamer’s vile friends, who were ready to put him in a bad light. And if the black dog also attacks, then you should be wary of targeting damage (any intrigues of dark forces on the part of ill-wishers).

Dream interpretation by Hasse

A black dog in a dream, as the dream book of the medium Hasse says, does not bode well, but, on the contrary, announces the presence of friends who are preparing to stab in the back. If a black dog bites in a dream, then soon there will be monetary losses, financial scandals.

Vladislav Kopalinsky

Vladislav Kopalinsky, an encyclopedist, journalist, and translator from Poland, believed that a black dog was dreaming definitely to some kind of misfortune. And if the animal also dreams of howling, then it is worth waiting for the soon sad news.

Slavic dream book

The Slavic dream book says that a black dog dreams of failure. And if she also bit the hand, then we should expect betrayal from loved ones.

Ukrainian dream book

In the Ukrainian dream book, a black dog is a good friend, good news, good luck in the future, but animals of other stripes – to the enemy’s intricacies. Therefore, if you dream of a big black dog, then you should expect special success.

Family dream book

In the Family Dream Book, a dream about a black dog means disappointment in a friend. And the more solid the size of the dog, the closer the friend. That is, for example, a small black “Tuzik” can symbolize friends, colleagues, distant relatives. And a huge black dog is a spouse, best friend, mother, father.

Dream interpretation of Veles

In Veles’s dream book, a black dog is a sign of imminent adultery, conflicts, bad news. Moreover, if such an animal howls in a dream, then this is extremely bad (to death or severe illness). According to the same dream book, a kind dog who caresses means that you should expect a trick from your neighbors.

Dream Interpretation of the Wanderer

In the Wanderer’s dream book, a black dog is a harbinger of an imminent depression. The noble dream book also promises that dreams about black dogs herald spiritual ordeals, sad thoughts, and distrust. Also, in the same dream book, it is indicated that if the appearance of a dog is improbable (fabulous, mystical), then this means the development of events associated with a recently deceased person. True, in the same book it is written that a dream about a black puppy means an imminent acquisition of a good friend.

Psychological dream book

And in the Psychological Dream Book, it is indicated that a black dog dreams of a quick disappointment in a good companion who made friends for his own benefit. The same interpretation of the dream about a black dog is the same in the 21st-century dream book.

So what do dream books about a black dog promise?

As a result, we can draw the following conclusion: almost all dream books do not promise anything positive from sleeping with a dog with black wool. It is interesting that almost everywhere it is indicated that a dream about a white dog means good luck in finances, the acquisition of patrons, and good friends. But the dogs with a black fur coat, alas, dream for the worse.

When black dog dreams come true

Although most dream books predict troubles from dreams about black dogs, you should not rush to get upset. Firstly, the owner of a black dog in reality may well have a dream about his pet, and nothing bad will happen. Secondly, there are works where dogs of all stripes dream for good (for example, the dream books of Russian, Tsvetkov, Azar, etc.). Secondly, dream interpreters argue that you need to pay attention not only to the essence of the dream but also to the day of the week when the dream was:

  • Monday – a dream may come true, but not very soon (in a month or even a year);
  • Tuesday – a dream with a high degree of probability will not come true;
  • Wednesday – dreams on this day most often do not come true;
  • Thursday is the day when prophetic dreams are dreamed;
  • Friday – prophetic dreams come true within a week;
  • Saturday – “empty”, meaningless dreams;
  • Sunday – a dream on this day can come true, but only in the morning. There is also an opinion that on Sunday, prophetic dreams turn out to be with good meaning.

If you dreamed about a black dog, it’s a good idea to start the calendar right away. It is believed that prophetic dreams are dreamed on such days:

  • Full moon – (and in 2018 it is as much as 13 days);
  • Winter, spring, summer, autumn solstice – (December 21, March 20, June 21, and September 23, respectively);
  • Christmastide – (January 6-19).

What to do if the interpretation does not bode well

But what if you had a dream about a black dog on Thursday? Or a full moon? Dream interpreters advise doing this if the dream is unkind:

  1. Open the tap with water and quietly tell the essence of the dream. In the old days, instead of a toilet room, people went to the river, telling a dream about flowing water;
  2. Immediately after awakening, say three times, crossing yourself: “Good dream, rise again, bad – crack in half”;
  3. At dawn, right after sleep, go outside, looking at the sunrise, say: “Where the night is, there is a dream”;
  4. After sleep, look out the window, saying: “All good, stay, all bad, go away”;
  5. After lifting, stand up to the open window with a coin in hand. Say: “The night is gone and the dream has taken away. But I let it go, I didn’t leave a penny ”(after the words to throw the money out into the street);
  6. Turn the bed inside out after a bad sleep;
  7. Put a pinch of salt in the water in a mug, saying: “My dream will melt like salt, but it will not harm.”

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