What Does an English Bull Terrier Look Like?

Not all people will like Bull Terrier dogs. Thanks to their unique appearance, in the past, these intelligent and unusually strong dogs could participate in fights with bulls, from which they often emerged victoriously. Today, a long muzzle with powerful jaws has become the breed’s hallmark, allowing them to be different from everyone else.

Adult English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terrier

Modern bull terriers are very strong and hardy dogs. A long selection process made them strong, able to withstand heavy loads, and fights with animals that are many times greater than them in strength and size.

Maximum Height

The standard for bull terriers is rather vague. So, the growth of these dogs varies from 30 to 45 cm for both males and females.


The body weight of an adult Bull Terrier can be either 18 or 30 kg. Owners need to take care that a dog whose body weight is below normal is not too thin in appearance. The same applies to 30-kilogram fat dogs – they should not be too plump and overfed.

Coat Color

According to the norms, bull terriers can be:

  • snow-white;
  • red;
  • black;
  • brick red;
  • brindle;
  • three-colored.

Blue, liver, and marble are considered highly undesirable.


The faded coat of a bull terrier is a big headache for its owners. Fine, sharp, short, and very coarse hairs are extremely difficult to remove from clothing, furniture, and carpet. The hair covers the dog’s body very tightly. The undercoat appears only in winter, but even this does not save short-haired Bull Terriers from the cold. On walks, they need to wear vests or whole overalls.

Ears, Tail

The ears of these dogs are small, close-set triangles. They are thin in structure, erect in type. The tail is short, tapering towards the tip.

English Bull Terrier Puppy

English Bull Terrier puppy

If the appearance of adult bull terriers may not cause aesthetic satisfaction in someone, then the bull terrier puppies will not leave anyone indifferent. Arriving at the kennel for a new friend, it is important not to forget to pay attention to the parents of the puppies and the conditions in which the family is kept.

Outwardly, puppies should be neat, with clean mucous membranes and auricles. The eyes should be moist with no traces of mucus. The tummies should not be swollen, the skin is clean without rashes. In communicating with a person, a small bull terrier should not show aggression or, conversely, be too timid.

Important! You will have to take up the upbringing of the baby from the first minute of its getting into a new home.


It is necessary to pick up the baby from the nursery when it is from 2.5 to 3 months old. At this age, its height is already 26 cm. In three months, the bull terrier will already be 33-34 cm. It will reach adult sizes by 8-9 months.


The weight of a newborn puppy depends on many factors: the health of the mother, the number of individuals in the litter. By the age of one and a half months, the bull terrier can weigh about 4 kg. By 3 months, its body weight will increase to 8 kg, by 6 to 13, by 9 to the lower limit of the norm according to the standard.

Coat Color

In small bull terriers, the coat is much softer than in adults, but over time everything will change and the fluff will be replaced by coarse and short hair. The color remains unchanged from birth.

Ears, Tail

In puppies, the ears hang, and only with time they rise to their position characteristic of the breed. The tail is not docked.

In care, bull terriers are quite unpretentious and do not bother the owner with constant diseases. There are a number of pathologies inherent in the breed, but they do not affect the life expectancy of dogs. On average, a Bull Terrier lives from 11 to 13 years.

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