What is the Right Way to Take a Selfie with a Dog?

Is the fame of Instagram bloggers and other networks haunted? Oh, what wonderful pets they have and what great incomes … How to take a selfie with a dog so that everything looks perfect, attractive. You have probably already tried to “click” your dog more than once. However, it was not so, he spins, turns away, runs out of the frame, or does something generally indecent. How to be?

Here are the rules to follow to get great selfies.

The dog ignores your desire – consider this.

Yes, the dog doesn’t care what it looks like. She doesn’t like sitting in one place at all. She’s in motion all the time, and I can’t get a good shot. What should I do? There is only one answer – many pictures from different angles, from different positions, even if the dog is actively moving. Press the button more often, and then select a couple of the most successful from the total number of pictures.

Don’t force the dog to film!

If the animal is naughty, does not want to be the object of your incomprehensible manipulations, just leave the dog alone for a while. Stroke, have a relaxing massage. No commands will help here. Yes, you can order her not to move with the command “sit” or “lie down”, but this is not for long. Strange, in the opinion of your pet, the owner’s behavior is embarrassing. Even getting into the frame, the animal will turn away from the camera, try not to look into it. Give the animal time to get comfortable!

Don’t scare your dog!

Unlike you, for a dog, a smartphone is just an incomprehensible thing that does not cause any positive emotions. Rather negative. Therefore, when you bring it closer, and even do something there, forcing you to look at this object – it’s scary.

The animal is especially frightened by the outbreak. Therefore, do not film your dog in the dark – at night, in the evening, in a dark room. You definitely won’t get a good shot. It is better to photograph the animal during the day, in good, even sunlight. For example, in nature, in his natural environment, in a familiar home environment.

A selfie stick is also a very scary item. Dogs are always afraid of anything that resembles a stick. Therefore, before taking a selfie, introduce your pet to this strange object. Let him sniff, pet your pet at the same time, call it with the usual affectionate words.

If he continues to be afraid, then just put the selfie stick next to the dog for a while. Let the animal get used to it, understand that this object is not dangerous for her.

Has the dog calmed down yet? Then repeat all over again – sniffing and getting used to the subject. Until the pet begins to completely ignore him. Show patience and you will be rewarded.

Don’t forget about treats and toys!

Of course, the most beautiful way to thank an animal for the behavior you want is to give it a treat. Stock up on more tasty treats, they will come in handy.

To keep the animal looking into the camera lens, lift the treat or toy and hold it at eye level. The dog will be very happy when he sees his favorite treat or ball. Reward her for her efforts more often, and taking a selfie will turn into a real treat for your pet. He will love to be filmed, which means you can do it almost every day.

How to get a great shot?

Very simple – adapt to your dog. Here you cannot be guided by the principle: “Here I am and my dog.” The best shots are obtained when you are guided by the rule “Here is MY DOG and Me”.

The dog lay down – lie down next to him. It is easier for the animal to sit – you sit down too. Has the dog turned its attention to a foreign object? And you do the same, remembering to “click” the button. Let the dog take the initiative, and you just fix its interest.

As a result, you will be able to capture the emotions of the animal, which are reflected in its wonderful face.

Now you know how to make your dog an internet star.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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