Husky: Mating and Pregnancy

Heat in a female dog is a natural process that indicates that the animal is ready to breed. Siberian huskies usually get their first heat (pus) at the age of 6-10 months. Most often this happens immediately after the change of milk teeth to molars occurs in the dog.

How is a Husky in Heat

The process usually takes 21 days. However, it is the puddle that flows much faster. Dog handlers advise not to take the dog during this period. For the withdrawal of full-fledged offspring, it is better to wait 3-4 cycles. The heat that follows the puddle will begin already after 4-7 months. It will consist of the following stages:

Proestrus. The initial period during which hormones are released. The dog’s body at this time begins to prepare for a possible conception. The external signs of proestrus include swelling of the loop and discharge from it of mucous secretions with bloodred blotches. The behavior of the female may change. The duration of proestrus is about 9 days.

Estrus. At this time, the dog ovulates. It is believed that during this period the female becomes fully ready for fertilization. The period of estrus is from 5 to 9 days. This makes the selection more transparent. If the dog presses on the tailbone, it will raise its tail.

Metaestrus. During this period, the female already ceases to be interested in males. The stream is almost over. At the same time, the selection ends, the loop becomes its usual size.

Anestrus. This is the name of the period that lasts from the end of estrus to the beginning of a new one.

Important! In Siberian Huskies, the frequency is quite acceptable – one estrus per year.

Siberian Husky Mating

You can recognize that the pet is ready to meet the groom by the following signs:

  • swelling of the loop;
  • discharge;
  • changes in behavior with the owner;
  • aggressive, and then attentive attitude towards males;
  • attempts to escape in search of a “groom”;
  • change in taste preferences;
  • molt.

In addition, each member of the breed may have individual signs of heat.

Husky owners who do not want their pets to have offspring should be extremely careful during periods of flow. You can not take the dog out into the street without a leash and let street dogs approach it. In order to avoid leaving traces of discharge on the furniture, special shorts can be purchased for your pet.

Those who want to start breeding huskies need to take care of choosing the right partner in advance. When a candidate is found, you just need to wait for the required period. The fact that the female is ready for fertilization will be indicated by the above signs. It is enough just to organize a meeting with the dogs on the 2-3 days of estrus. To consolidate the result, the meeting can be repeated in a day.

Important! If dogs and their owners have never encountered breeding, it is necessary to enlist the help of a dog handler. The specialist will point out the key points to which you need to pay attention.

Pregnancy and Puppybirth

Pregnancy, if it has come, becomes noticeable as early as 2-3 weeks after fertilization. The dog begins to change behavior and taste preferences. Some individuals may even show signs of toxicosis. After 4-5 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s belly is rounded. Childbirth usually occurs on days 58-72 of pregnancy.

You can recognize the approach of the onset of labor by the following signs:

  • lowering the rectal temperature to 36.5-37.5 degrees;
  • active movement of puppies, visible on the stomach;
  • decreased appetite;
  • excretion of colostrum.

In addition, a dog preparing for puppy birth begins to look for a comfortable place for itself. From the litter, the expectant mother is trying to make a cozy nest for her aspiring puppies.

Important! By the time the dog begins labor, owners should have clean diapers, antiseptic solutions, and thread on hand. You will also need blunt-edged scissors. It is also necessary to purchase a notebook in which you will need to enter the height and weight of the puppies with which they will be born. Then will be entered data on how the puppies are gaining height and weight.

The duration of labor usually ranges from 3 hours to one and a half days. The main thing is that the owner does not leave the dog alone with him. If the dog does not want to gnaw the amniotic sac and clear the mucus from the puppy’s mouth, it will need to be done by a human. To do this, you have to pierce the bag in the baby’s muzzles and carefully clean his mouth from mucus with a dry and clean napkin.

Important! The umbilical cord is first tied with a thread, and only then cut off at a distance of 3-4 cm from the puppy’s abdomen.

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