10+ Best Dog Breeds To Help Tackle Loneliness

Despite the internet and social networks, many people feel lonely these days. Singles, single people, but above all older people and sick people feel excluded from social life and live in isolation. Dogs are a good remedy for being alone. Wamiz introduces twelve races that are loyal and create a good mood.

The Newfoundland

This gentle giant is always good for a hug with a lost soul. The Newfoundland dog is easy to train and humble. But it can also help its owner to come into contact with other people because anyone who sees this fluffy giant is guaranteed to melt away.

The Poodle

The poodle doesn’t always have to be a runway model. In fact, beneath all that showy fur, poodles are humble and friendly dogs who strive to please their master or mistress and spend time together. They are ideal helpers, which can be especially helpful for older people who need a helping paw around the house.

The Tibetan Terrier

Ready for a tour of the place? The Tibetan Terrier is a great companion for people with a lot of energy. He loves to accompany his owners on walks, drag them into the garden, and is always ready for a game.

Alaskan Malamute

Anyone who pats an Alaskan Malamute cannot be sure that they will ever see their hand again because their fur is so thick. Calm, strong, and intelligent, this breed is incredibly good-looking. Who doesn’t like to have a top model from Alaska by their side?

The Short-haired Hungarian Pointing Dog

“I’ll stay with you because I’m like glue” could be his motto. The Hungarian Short-Haired Pointing Dog, also known as Magyar Vizsla, is known as Burdock because these handsome hunting dogs like to stand by their owner’s side. However, it is an energetic animal and should only be given a new home if there is enough space in the vicinity to train.

The Papillon

The Papillon is an intelligent and obedient soul. He is also very fluffy, good to cuddle, and also fits well in a basket on an electric wheelchair.

The Lowchen

The Löwchen is perfect for those who have a lot of love to give. The breed loves being petted and needs to be brushed regularly as it sheds a lot of furs. But it’s worth it because the Löwchen is really cute.

The Beagle

No cartoon character is as isolated as Charlie Brown. But his beagle is always there for him. The Beagle is a little more sensible than Snoopy, making it ideal for introverts and thinkers.

The Pomeranian

Just the look of this cute dog radiates so much love and warmth and you immediately feel like you are on clouds. The dwarf spitz is not only very dear but also a real bundle of energy. But thanks to his short legs, he doesn’t need too much exercise. It is well suited for those people who can’t (or don’t want to) go out that much.

The Miniature Schnauzer

Just making eye contact with the Miniature Schnauzer is enough to forget its existential worries for a moment or two. And the funny name also brightens the minds of young and old.

The Yorkshire Terrier

Han Solo has a Wookie to keep him company on his long, lonely adventures across the universe. The Yorkie is perhaps the best alternative we have on earth. His eyes are pure sympathy. And Yorkies were among the first breeds to be trained as therapy dogs. The Yorkie is a good listener.

The Labrador

The classic. The Labrador is a large dog, but not too demanding. He is cheerful, friendly, and strong-willed. The breed recognizes moods particularly well and can react to them appropriately. She also gets along well with other dogs and children and, thanks to her playfulness, attracts everyone’s attention in the park.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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