10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Samoyed

Samoyed is a dog breed that has gained popularity around the world for its attractive appearance and good-natured nature. The snow-white fluffy dog ​​is distinguished by high ingenuity and a complete lack of aggression. She is a loyal companion, caring nanny, and loyal friend. Samoyeds can be kept in a private house or city apartment. But before you start a puppy, you need to study the description of the breed, the advantages, and the disadvantages.

The nature and habits of the Samoyeds

The standard clearly defines not only the features of appearance but also the behavior of the representatives of the breed. Samoyeds should not be distrustful, aggressive, or cowardly. These dogs have a soft restrained temperament and developing intelligence. They are loyal, attached to the owner, but friendly with all people and pets. Breeders consider the Samoyed to be the ideal pet. It is a loyal companion, suitable for any person who will give him enough attention. By nature, Samoyeds are docile, affectionate, friendly. Very sociable, friendly, get to know other people and dogs. Sometimes they are even overly gullible.

They are strongly attached to the owner and members of his family and try to follow him, they do not like to be alone. Therefore, it is impossible to keep a dog in an enclosure or on a chain.

If necessary, they will always repulse any enemy, they are brave and strong. In their behavior, they are delicate, they will never impose their society. Even adult Samoyeds are very cheerful, playful, they love to run after the ball.

Samoyeds are very fond of children. They will play with the child, protect him, take care of him. For a long time, these dogs were nannies among the northern peoples, they warmed the kids at night with their warmth. Such a pet will never offend a child, tolerate his pranks. The peculiarity of the Samoyed is attentiveness, calmness, and adequate behavior. Therefore, she can become a guide for the blind, a companion for an elderly person. This dog is sensitive to changes in the owner’s mood and well-being.

Maintenance and care

Samoyeds are unpretentious, suitable for keeping in an apartment. But a private house with a large plot is better for them. They do not tolerate heat well and love to run. Do not chain the dog or cover it with an aviary. When keeping in the city, you need to walk with your pet at least 2 per day for an hour. When creating suitable conditions, representatives of this breed live for 13-15 years, almost do not get sick. Taking care of the Samoyeds is not difficult.

Bathing is often not recommended, as they do not like water, and their thick coat dries for a very long time. Bathing removes the natural protective lubricant from the coat. In order not to cause dry skin, you can only use special hypoallergenic shampoos. They must be intended for animals with white coats, otherwise, they may turn yellow.

Experts recommend bathing the Samoyed no more than 2-3 times a year. These dogs are clean, usually, only puppies get very dirty. But after walking, they need to wash their paws. And in wet weather, you need waterproof overalls. The claws are trimmed when they start clattering on the floor, although if you walk the dog enough, they grind down on their own. It is recommended to trim the hair between the toes. Check and clean your pet’s ears, eyes, and teeth regularly. Chewing bones are recommended to protect against calculus.


Samoyed likes are included in the top twenty most popular ones for a reason. These cute, funny cubs have many virtues.

  • Developed instincts to serve man. It is not just a faithful companion, but also a guard, nanny, hunter, sled dog. Even without special training, the dog will help the owner to climb the mountain, to carry the sled. Often used for canistherapy.
  • Appearance is attractive: beautiful snow-white fur, slanted intelligent eyes, and a smiling sharp muzzle.
  • Samoyeds are very patient. They calmly get along with other pets, do not show aggression. They love children very much, forgive them all the pranks, protect and take care of them.
  • Sociable, funny, friendly to all people. We are ready to constantly communicate with the owner, to be near, to play. Very loyal, devoted, they become attached to one person.
  • Their character is calm, flexible. Despite the activity and sociability, they are not intrusive, they behave quietly at home.
  • The coat is easy to comb out and has no dog smell. If you collect down, you can knit socks and other warm things from it that warm well.
  • Samoyeds are unpretentious, tolerate cold weather well. This is a primitive breed, so dogs inherited strong immunity from their ancestors.


But the Samoyed is not an ideal pet for keeping in a city apartment. These dogs have disadvantages that you need to be aware of too.

  • Samoyeds are very fluffy. Many people find it difficult to care for their hair: they need to be combed daily and sometimes cut.
  • These dogs are talkative. They bark, growl, howl, squeal a lot, they like to make different sounds when communicating with a person.
  • They are very good-natured, friendly to all people, even strangers. Therefore, they cannot be defenders, and when guarding the house, they simply inform the owner that someone has come.
  • They do not tolerate loneliness, can only be kept in the house.
  • Not suitable for couch potatoes and inactive people. They require a lot of attention and serious physical activity.
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