14 Interesting Facts About Border Collies

#4 Adam Telfer lived in Northumberland and was known as a working dog breeder.

Old Hemp's parents were herding dog Roy and bitch Meg. Already at a young age of only 6 weeks, Hemp came into contact with sheep and proved his outstanding qualities as a herding dog. He drove the sheep with a calm and deliberation that was hard to believe. Telfer himself stated that he had never seen such an exceptional personality tending sheep and that his talent should not remain hidden from other eyes.

#5 Eric Halsall, a contemporary author, put it similarly, noting that he had never seen such a perfectionist dog at work. With no mistakes and no training, he was what is now known as a natural talent.

#6 Border Country is the border area between England and Scotland.

A collie is commonly referred to as a "useful object". So the name is composed of Hemp's geographical origin and its intended use. Freely translated, Border Collie could be described as “The useful one from the borderland”. Today there are numerous Collie breeds. The name has been in use since 1910.

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