14+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Beagle

Beagles are medium-sized, fun, energetic hunting dogs. Bred in Great Britain, where it was used for hunting hares. Now popular all over the world as pets, loyal and good-natured. This is a very active curious dog, sociable, and a little noisy. Due to its small size, the beagle is suitable for keeping in a city apartment. The content is unpretentious but requires long walks. Therefore, it is suitable for active wearers who are able to provide sufficient physical activity. Before you get a beagle, you need to study the pros and cons of the breed.

General characteristics of the breed

Along with fox terriers and Jack Russell terriers Bigley – close to small hounds. They were used for hunting hares, they followed the trail well due to their keen sense of smell. These dogs have been popular for many hundreds of years. At first, they were used for hunting, now they are a fun loyal pet, an ideal companion for a person of any age.

Beagles are energetic, good-natured, loyal. This is a cheerful cheerful dog, infecting others with its optimism. Beagles have no aggression at all, they are friendly even with strangers, get along well with children. Due to its charming appearance and small size, it is one of the most popular to keep in a city apartment.

Interesting facts about the breed

Bigley is a very popular dog, a city for a long time to man. You can tell a lot about them interesting:

  • beagles have 225 million olfactory receptors;
  • they are used to search for drugs, weapons, smuggling, explosives;
  • often act in films, and the cartoon about Snoopy – a little beagle is popular all over the world;
  • without physical exertion and communication, they are very bored, behavior can become destructive;
  • they are often stolen by scammers and sold for medical experiments, as they are calm and hardy;
  • Charles Darwin traveled on a ship called the Beagle.


Beagles have many advantages. They are cute, funny pets, friendly and funny. They will not let you get bored, they will support the owner in any activity. The popularity is also explained by such advantages:

  • not aggressive;
  • love children;
  • loyal to the owner;
  • very sociable, friendly with everyone;
  • hardy and energetic;
  • clean, easy to take care of the coat;
  • no smell of salivation, unpleasant odor;
  • good scent.


But before you start a representative of this breed, you need to take into account that it has disadvantages. According to the owners, the following disadvantages can be noted:

  • high physical activity is required;
  • cannot stand loneliness;
  • very noisy, like to bark;
  • stubborn, cunning;
  • quickly distracted, difficult to train;
  • adult dogs and freedom-loving;
  • cannot become a guard or watchman;
  • because of their hunting qualities, they love to dig holes;
  • can run away if attracted by a small animal;
  • tend to be overweight.

The main disadvantage is that without a strict upbringing they strive to take a leading position in the family and become uncontrollable. You should not start a beagle if there is no way to deal with it.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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