15 Pictures That Prove Samoyeds Are Perfect Weirdos

The name of this breed comes from the Samoyed tribe in the north of Siberia. They used dogs to guard reindeer herds and to pull sleds. The wool of Samoyed Laikas was collected and used to make warm clothing. In the 20th century, dogs spread to other regions thanks to fur traders. Today Samoyed huskies are used as pets.

It is a medium-sized, strong, muscular dog with long and slender legs. The head is broad, of medium size, with a tapered muzzle and a black nose (rarely brown or dark red). The eyes are almond-shaped, separated, dark. They have small, round ears, set wide apart and straight. The tail is long and fluffy. The fur is two-layered with a fluffy, thick, short inner layer and an outer layer of coarse, tall hair. The color is white, cream, or a combination of the two. Hair is longer on the neck, forming a kind of mane

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