16 Interesting Facts About Beagles You Never Knew

#10 Your beagle should know what you want from him. He follows when trained well, but has a tendency to assert himself over other “pack members”. So stay consistent!

#11 Although the Beagle may be small, an apartment without regular exercise is definitely not the right place for him.

#12 The care of a Beagle

With its short coat, the Beagle is a low-maintenance breed. From time to time, good dog shampoo and a good brushing are enough. It is more difficult with the other sensitive parts of this dog's body: regularly check his ears for infections. Sometimes foreign bodies and bugs settle here. The susceptibility to eye diseases is also no joke and the claws of your four-legged friend should be checked regularly anyway.

Judy Taylor

Written by Judy Taylor

Judy Taylor combines her love of science and writing to educate pet owners. Her articles on pet wellness, published on a variety of platforms, reveal a deep passion for animals. With a teaching background and shelter volunteer experience, Judy brings expertise to the fields of writing and compassionate pet care.

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