16 Reasons Why Dachshunds are the Best Dogs Ever

Dachshund is an amazing dog with an unusual recognizable appearance and high intelligence. Her short-legged, elongated body often evokes tenderness. This is an intelligent, active, and cheerful animal that has become a favorite of many dog breeders. Dachshunds belong to hunting breeds, but they easily get along in a city apartment, becoming a companion and a devoted friend. Many who have been fascinated by this dog’s intelligent, attentive gaze want to have such a pet.

#1 Dachshund is an incredibly sweet and soulful dog, although it has a little stubbornness in its character.

This is due to the dedication that breeders developed at the dawn of the formation of the breed. These dogs required tremendous determination to chase game in the forest, tear apart foxes or badgers, and attack to the bitter end.

#2 They are distinguished by their artistry and emotionality. With such a dog, the owner will never get bored.

#3 The dachshund can read by the eyes in what mood it is, when you can play with him, and when you should leave him alone.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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